Introduction to 3-Lib

3-Lib libraryWelcome to 3-Lib! I'm Steve Litchfield, the library maintainer, let me try and introduce how it all works and how you can browse this CD.

WARNING: Now that the Psion platform is in its latter years, note that many program authors may have 'moved on', given up or died(!)... Do NOT send money for software registration without first verifying that the author is still alive and well!
In a very few cases, where authors are known to be no more (or just not interested), registration codes may be provided or an unlocked version included.

All files throughout the library have been unzipped for your convenience. What this means is that once you've read the author's documentation (usually by double-clicking a README.TXT file or similar) to find out where things 'go', you can usually just double-click on the .SIS file (where appropriate) or as a last resort simply drag and drop files or folders directly from the CD into the correct folders on your Psion palmtop. Note that all dates represent when each app or update was added to the library, NOT necessarily the date of the files themselves!

PsiWin users please note

PsiWin etcWhen using PsiWin 2.x to install software, remember the following tips:
  • If asked to copy files over to your palmtop, you should do the drag and drop operation with the right mouse button instead. This will bring up a mini-menu from which 'Copy' can be selected.
  • Note that Windows will (blame Microsoft!) assign the 'Read-Only' flag to all files copied from CD. Although this shouldn't matter for 90% of programs, which will work quite happily, you should be aware of this possible problem. The cure, of course, is to change the program file attributes either on your hard disk or once the files are on your Psion, e.g. on a Series 5mx, Control-A followed by Control-P etc. will let you remove the Read-Only flag for all files in a folder simultaneously.

Searching the library

For PC owners, we've included a simple Java search engine that runs in this browser window, to help you locate software. Why not give it a try?

Note: Throughout these pages, "Series 5" refers to programs written to work under EPOC, i.e. the Series 5 and 5mx, plus compatibles such as the Ericsson MC218. "Series 3" refers to programs written to run under SIBO, i.e. the Series 3a, 3c and 3mx, plus compatibles such as the Acorn PocketBook 2. There are a few files also for the original 'Series 3' ("classic"), also lumped into this category.

Categories available

Items in the main (non-vault) categories below are of high quality, in many cases as good or better than equivalent commercial software.

In the \library\econnectlite folder is EPOC Connect Lite, a cut down PsiWin with no converters, for use when disk space is short.