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\Library\S3vault - The 3-Lib Series 3 vault!

Yep. Everything 16-bit that isn't in the other sections is right here.

I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions of files in this 'vault' section, or for the performance (or non-performance) of the programs themselves.

Here's the complete file list:

Please note that all files should be assumed to be for the Series 3a/c unless explicitly mentioned as being for 'S3' (Series 3 classic).  There may be exceptions to this, where items in the list are very old.
2S3ICOS              A few Psion icons for Windows
3-ACROSS             S3 crossword generator
3ACOMPEND            Compendium of shareware games
3ATETR15             3a Tetris clone + tournament prizes
3DMAZE               Rather crippled shareware maze game
3DOS21               DOS command line for S3
3DPIC                3-D picture 
3T_4E                File manager that runs on a S3
3USCRIPT             Scripts for use with ReadCIS
AAHOTEL              AA Hotel Guide
ABBREV               Medical abbreviations
ACCOUNT              Bank account program
ACCTS1_3             S3 bank account program
ACCTS97              Bank accounts management program
ADBK31F              Address book with variable volume dialing
ADDON                Small add on for custom functions in Con3a
ADVENT               Extra text adventures in Infocom format
AGENDAX              Fixes bug in S3 agenda
AGNFILT              S3 agenda super-tidy function
AGNMERGE             Merges two agendas intelligently
AHHH1                Verbal interjection! sound sample #1
AHHHHH               Verbal interjection! sound sample #2
AHOO                 Manic laughter? sound sample
AINDNT31             DOS auto-indenter of OPL code
AINFO                Bank account info logger
AIRNAV               Sheet to help navigate flight sims
AIRPOR.DBF           Database of world airports
ALARMFIX             Agenda add-on to fix potential alarm bug
ALERT1               Star Trek TNG Red Alert sound sample
ALIAS1               S3 alias list creator
AMINCP18.LHA         Series 3 link for Amiga computers
AMIRPRNT             Print through serial to Amiga printer
AMORT                Amortization example SPR
AMRADIO              Amateur radio utilities
ANAESTH              Anaesthetist's log-book?
ANCIENT              Ancient Britain overlays for Mapper/GB
ANIMAL15             Novelty animal noises and pictures
ANIMAT12             Animation system
ANIMAT3A             Picture animations
ANLYV101             Analyser experiment stats calculation
ANTHEMS              Tune files for the MUSIPOC program
APASS100             Password protection for Acorn pocketbooks
APHONE               Control your answerphone from your Psion
APWORLD              Huge 1.2Mb database of world airports
ARCHIMED             Hints on connecting Archimedes to a Psion
AROMA                Aromatherapy database
ARTILLRY             S3 - Artillery shooting game
ASBICO               Ascii to binary and vice-vera
ASC260F              ASCII character viewer
ASCIITAB             Simple ASCII displayer
ASCTEXT              Yet another ASCII displayer
ASTRO3A              (Unfinished) astronomy program
ASTRO97C             1997 astronomical events
ASWARM               S3 - Space Invaders
ATMOS10              Atmospheric calculations
ATTACK               3D space attack game
AUKT                 Cycling tour calculator
AVESPEED             Utility to monitor average speed etc
BABBLE               Create impressive nonsense-speak!
BACKUP               Backup/restore for non-PC users
BALDERS              8 level demo of Balders commercial game
BANGKO               Bangkok dice gambling game
BANK843              Original S3 version of BANK etc
BANKDEMO             Cut-down demo of BANKER
BANKMR12             Bank Account Manager
BARCODES             Display and print bar codes
BASECALC             4-bases-at-a-time calculator
BATCHK13             Pretty battery checker
BATTERY              Simple battery checker
BATTERYS             Simple Siena battery checker
BCYCLONE             Backup-aid to Cyclone
BDCALC               Bearing/Distance calculator (from lat/long)
BEAM2                Sci-fi sound effect sound sample
BEAMIN2              ST TNG sound effect sample
BEAMV1               Communicate via speakers/mics
BEATIFUL             Lady saying "Beautiful" sound sample
BELLS!!!             Bell ringing analysis/utilities
BIBLE                Bible text database
BIGBOOM              Big explosion sound sample
BIGTIME3             Large fonted clock
BILL2                Bill-paying calculator
BILLMATE             Calculate bill given hours/parts
BINGOCLL             Bingo caller, using sound
BIO11                Biorhythms calculator
BIOSTUFF             Small biorhythm type utilities
BIRDLIST             Spreadsheet detailing UK birds
BISMARCK             Card solitaire game
BISTRO3P             Calculate restaurant bill
BJ600DRV             BJ600 printer driver, colour extensions
BLITZ                Bombing arcade game
BLITZ20              The bombing continues
BLJAK101             Blackjack game
BLOWPIPE             Architect's pipe and pump calculations
BOING                Boooiinnngg! sound sample
BOING                Breakout clone - arcade game
BOM107               S3 - Shareware puzzle/adventure game
BOMZ-LEV             Extra levels for the commercial BOMZ game
BOND                 The Bond theme tune sound sample
BOOKIT               Simple business book-keeping & control
BOOKS12              Books database app.
BOREDOM              S3 - Ever get bored on the phone?
BOWL11               Ten-pin bowling Solitaire game
BP3A112F             BankPro french bank account manager
BRHYTHM1             S3 biorhythms utility
BRITRAIL             1993 British Rail Database
BRKOUT12             Breakout-style game
BROOKCAD             Simple modelling/CAD system
BRUCKEA              Digital sound effect sound sample
BTCHARGE             Spreadsheet of BT charge rates
BT_CARD.DBF          BT charge card info
BULBS                Agenda and database of plant bulbs
BUNNIES              Pacman style arcade game
BUSCALC              Some business calculations (ROAE etc)
BUSDA310             Simple business database application
BUSINESS             Business Simulation game
CABLES               Cable type calculator (engineers)
CACHEMAN             Cache investigator for PsiMail Internet
CALC                 Casio MG660 emulator?
CALCMODS             A few useful (if crude) calculations
CALCVAT              VAT calculator utility
CALLC153             Shareware phone call coster
CALLIOPE             HP image-printing facility from S3a WORD
CALLSMAN             Service engineering logger application
CAPCHECK             CAP 371 calculator
CAR                  Vehicle economy program
CARCOST4             S3 car running costs
CARLEASE             Calculations for those leasing cars
CASHFLOW             Cashflow calculator
CATALG10             Pic file cataloguer
CCARD                Credit card number form checker
CCONVERT             Currency conversion utility
CCV2DEMO             CallCalc telephone call costing demo
CDBASE12             CD database system
CDHENG12             Docs for CDBASE
CELBAT10             Button cell battery database
CELSIUS              Temperature converter
CHAR_SET             Simple character set viewer
CHEMDRAW             Drawing utility for chemical molecules
CHESSC               Simple chess clock
CHESSCLK             Chess Clock app
CHIMER               Night-time time-sounder
CHOP-TXT             Chop large text files into small ones
CHOPPER              Helicopter blade noise sound sample
CHORDS               Synth chords sound sample
CINEFAN2             Demo of large cinema guide
CLASSIC              Classical Music database app.
CLINT                "Go ahead, make my day" sound sample
CLOCK                Clock mechanism and strike sound sample
CLOCKS               S3 - simultaneously show eight clocks
CLUB                 Caravan club warden assistant
CMDP                 Psion's Command Processor
CMDPDOC              Word 4 Windows docs for above.
CMEASY               Continuing Medical Education program
CNV21                Modular conversion utility
CNVT2-15             Another unit conversion utility
CO107                ClockOut - MacSys addon for completing timesheets
CODAT11              A database encryption utility
CODES                Complete codes list for BOMZ,JUMPY
COFE                 Church of England festivals in HOL format
COLLEG13             Colleague employee extension database
COMPASS              Compass corrections calculator for pilots
COMPENDI             S3 - Games compendium
CON3A6C1             Shareware unit conversion suite, multi-lingual
CONBROW              Conversions browser (units/formulae)
CONSIEN              Large Siena units conversion util.
CONV120              Modular conversion utility
CONV3                S3 all-singing etc conversions util
CONV40A              Shareware conversion utility
CONVERT              Conversions utility for 3 and 3a
CONVERTE             More units conversion
CONVERTM             Units conversion and more
CONVSPR              Scientific conversion spreadsheets
CORVETTE             Set of PIC files of a Corvette
COSTSELL             Salesman's aid utility
COUNTRY              Country comparison utility
CPD                  Professional Development tracker
CRCSOF11             File CRC checker
CREDCHKP             Credit-card no. CRC checker
CRIBBAGE             Game of cribbage
CRICK13              Cricket scoring program
CRIK13F              Fantasy Cricket spreadsheet
CROSWRD2             Crosswords creator/game (crippled)
CUCKOO               Synth cuckoo sound sample
CUPID                Dating Agency shareware
CURCONV              Currency convertor
CURRENCY               "   "   "    "
CURSES               Infocom-compatible adventure game?
CUSTLEX              Customer lexicon database
CVTAGN               S3a to S3 agenda converter
CW195                Crossword builder
CW4                  S3 or 3a Morse code tutor
CWORD                KMAC macro for word counting
CX11                 S3 - A CrissX puzzle game
CYCLE21              Cycling enthusiasist's calculator/logger
DATAFILE             Simple data file browser/lister (3a)
DATANAE              DBF to SPR convertor (english/german)
DATU24               S3a shareware data viewer
DATVER6              Database manipulation tool for S3 and 3a
DBASECNV             DOS dBASE to S3 DBF converter
DBF                  DBF file browser
DBMAN11              Simple database sorter/manipulator
DBSORT               S3 - database sorter, with source
DB_CNN               CNN pages (hotels) (Use with Mobile Pages viewer)
DB_EXP               Expotel pages (hotels) (Use with Mobile Pages viewer)
DB_WPC               What PC? pages (computer h/w) (Use with Mobile Pages viewer)
DECISION             S3 coin-flipping decision maker
DEGRAD10             Degrees to radians convertor
DELDIR               Deletes empty directories (3a)
DELUXE25             2.0 to 2.5 upgrade for Data Deluxe
DEPRESS              Marvin sound sample
DFTQM20              Amateur Radio DF utility
DIALER               Super-dialler app for S3a
DIARYCNV             Diary convertor (MC-400/LZ/S3)
DING                 A small Ding sound sample
DIRDIR1              S3a Directory listing utility
DOCTOR               .OPO utilities for a doctor
DOPIC                Utils to convert Sheet .PICs to Postscript
DOSES                Anaesthetist's calculator
DOSHIDO              Ishido with dominoes game
DPBANKFR             French-only bank account manager
DPBANKGR             German-only bank account manager
DPIC12B              Database system for 35mm slides
DPMIME31             MIME decoder
DR3                  BNF Drugs database
DRAW                 Very basic paint program
DRAW99               Basic painting tool
DTIME105             DiveTime diver's aid
DRAW102A             S3 - good painting program by Rick Andrews
DTMFTEST             Samples DTMF tones and analyses
DUNG1-4              1-level demo of Dungeons 'Doom-like' game
DVDEMO               Cut-down demo of DATAVIEW
EBOOKS               Selection of compressed text e-books from the net
EDDIE                "Hitchhikers" sound sample
ELDBASE              Database of periodic elements
ELECTETC             Electrician's and plumber's calculations
ELEMENTS             Periodic table of the elements
ELIZA                Psychiatrist program
ELLIPSE              OPL ellipse-generating code
ELVIS6               Clone of the UNIX vi editor
EMAILMAC             MACSYS macro to help READCIX
EMU95                Tips on launching the 3a emulator from Win 95
ENGRULER             Simple on-screen ruler
ENUMBS               WRD files of lists of E numbers
EURO                 Euro currency convertor
EUROC10              Euro currency convertor
EUROCONV             Euro currency convertor
EUROMAP.PIC          Example of very basic map of France
EVENTCNV             Converts Agenda list to calendar SHEET file
EXCELLNT             Wayne & Co saying "Excellent" sound sample
EXCHA                Currency Exchange program?
EXCHANGE             Another currency exchange program
EXPA                 Simple expenses manager
EXPENSES             Simple 3a expenses manager
EXPLODE              An explosion sound sample
EXPLODE              Minesweeper game
F11AA                Address Assistant add-on for F11 system
F11CM                Contact Manager add-on for F11 system
FAIR10               FAIRWAY 1.0 golf simulation - S3
FANFARE              Architect's duct and fan calcs
FANTASY              Football Fantasia
FAQ26                Psion 3a Frequently Asked Questions
FASTBANK             Simple bank account manager
FAXIT24              Fax transmission for use with fax modem
FETCHKMA             Find and bring macro, needs KMAC
FFORMT21             Psion file formats documented
FIGUREIT             Loan/tip/currency conversion utility
FILER30              Shareware file manager
FILEVIEW             Crippled S3a hex editor
FILM301              Film Calculator for camera/film people
FINDER               Task displayer and selector
FISHTANK             Fish Tank calculations
FLASH                Rather picky Revision aid
FLEARACE             Horse-racing/flea-racing simulation
FLICKER              Improved animation launcher (.APP)
FLIGHTV5             Flight time calculator for pilots
FLYS3                Pilots/flying utilities (S3)
FLYS3A               Pilots/flying utilities
FMTNS43I             Formula Translator
FONT173              S3a font editor
FONTS1               Loads of extra fonts for 3 and 3a
FOOD                 Database of food constituents (large)
FOODUSDA             USDA Nutrient database
FORMFN23             Horse racing tips/analysis program
FORTH129             Implementation of FORTH for 3a
FREEWARD             Patient Information Manager (doctors)
FRENCH               DBF files for French words and phrases
FRSOL                French Solitaire
FUELM200             Fuel monitoring utility
FUNFZEHN             Card solitaire game
FVT_0513             FreeVT terminal emulator (with OPL code)
FX07                 Strange effecty music sound sample
GALLERY              PIC-file browser
GAMBLE               Slot machine game
GARDEN               Crippled shareware gardening agenda
GARMEDIT             Garmin GPS waypoint editor
GAUSS                Gausss-principle matrix calculations
GBATT-FR             French language version of GBattery
GC200                Golf Caddie course/scoring database system
GEDFR101             Reader for standard GEDCOM files
GENI-151             Professional genealogical system
GEODB                Geographical database of GB (needs 1.3Mb SSD space)
GEO06PRG             GeoDIS mapping system
GEO06AMS             Map of USA for GeoDIS system
GEO06ATS             Map of Austria for GeoDIS system
GEO06DES             Map of Germany for GeoDIS system
GEO06DIV             Map of Europe for GeoDIS system
GEO06CHS             Map of Switzerland for GeoDIS system
GEO06GB1             Map of GB for GeoDIS system
GESTATE              Obstetric calculator
GH                   Card Solitaire
GIFVIEW              GIF viewer
GLASS                More breaking glass sound sample
GLIDER               S3 Paper aeroplane flight game
GLOBECS1             3D rotatable/zoomable world globe
GLOSPSI              Crippled demo of a computer glossary
GMTDIF               World Clock
GNAV3                Pilot's navigation stuff
GNAV3A               Enhanced pilot's navigation stuff
GOLFA111             Golf Assistant scoring system
GP1LIGHT             'Lite' version of GAMEPAK1
GPLOT3               S3 graphing utility
GPRO10               Freeware image editing tool
GPS_TIME             Set Psion time from GPS signal
GPSB0_15             GPS diagnostic tool
GRAB                 S3 screen grabber
GRABSCRN             Screen grabbing aid for S3a
GRANDMA              Card Solitaire
GRAPH212             Graph plotting and maths utility
GRAPHMJB             3-D surface plotting utility
GREP                 Text-search add-on for Contact Edge
GRFX16               Sprite graphics system for 'C' programmers
GRIFF                A guitar riff sound sample
GRPUTILS             Group OPOs under menu
GTRWHMY              A guitar whammy sound sample
GUARD3A              Alarm sounds when power is removed
GUITAR               Simple guitarists aid
GUITWKS              Guitar Works. S3 Chord chart/Tuner/creativity tool
HAIL2                Star Trek Hailing sounds sound sample
HAL                  "2001" sound sample
HAMKEY               CW contest keyer util for am radio fans
HAMLOG17             S3/3a Station log keeping for Ham Radio
HANG11               Improved hangman game (plus German bits)
HANG2DEM             Demo version of hangman game
HARDDISK             Database of IDE hard disk drives
HARP100F             A card solitaire game
HEARTSPR             Spreadsheet to help with "Hearts"
HELLAS               Greek alphabet convertor?
HELPED11             Windows Psion-Help-file compiler
HELPER11             Extra help for creating Psion help files
HEMOCUE              Blood analysis calculation
HEX                  Shareware hex viewer
HHOUSE               Haunted House adventure game
HINDI                Hindi language database
HOL021C              Holiday generation program for Agenda
HOLIDAY              S3 -Choose-a-holiday 'Wizard'/Aid
HOLI_UK              UK bank holidays etc in Agenda format
HOLODECK             Star Trek TNG  sound sample
HOPPLA               "Breaking glass" sound sample
HOTKEYS              WRD file of handy list of Psion hot-keys
HOURLY               Time announcing, memo recording utils
HPQUICK              PasOn variant with manual control over password-re-enabling
HTMLKIT              Macsys macros for inserting HTML markup codes
HTMLV143             HTML Viewer
HURRICAN             Neil Young's Like a Hurricane sound sample
HVAC3                Building and architectural utilities
HVACALC              Psychometrics calculator
HVW10                Another Hex viewer
HYPHTO               Example Hayman-toned photos in SLIDE show
HYPOC2               S3/3a hypertext database system
HYPOCP               S3a Hypertext database 'Professional'
HYPY01               Wierd 3a space display
IBOX22               Icon box, lots of icons for extraction
ICONED11             (Slightly buggy?) icon editor
ICONEGB              3a Icon editor
ICONINST             Icon installer for system screen rebuild
ICONPANT             Another Icon editor for S3a
ICONS                Icons database and a simple extractor
ICONS3ED             S3 icon editor
ICONVU               Picture browser
IFSPNT               Fractal painting program
ILUM1_1A             Pattern game
IMP120               Video/music/photo collection manager/lister/sorter
IMPACT1              Another explosion? sound sample
INFOCEN              Word/Sheet/data central linking utiility
INFOPLAY             SLightly buggy Infocom Interpreter
INFOWN11             Basic (but pretty) 3a disk/file manager
INTERLEX             Shareware crossword game
INTERNET             Database of Psion-related web sites
INV1016              Invasion strategy game
IPOP                 Input/Output range calculator for techies
IRSEARCH             Infrared detector
ISAMEG               ISAM database indexing examples
ISLAMAP              Shareware for the Mobile Muslim!
ITIME                SWATCH Internet Time calculator
ITSAHIT              Explosion sound sample
JAMV5                Month-viewer for 3a agenda
JARGON2              Jargon Generator
JBBACKUP             Backup utility for use with RCOM/MCLINK
JBBLITE              Control S3c backlight time-out better
JBCIS12              Off-line message reader - use with ReadCIS
JBDIAL16             Dialler via modem/speaker
JBLNCH2              S3-only program launcher from single icon
JBRSTM11             Automated closedown/restart to reclaim memory
JBTRE429             JBTree file manager
JBWHOL               English/German holiday calculator
JEWS                 Database of the Jewish calendar
JEWISH               Agenda of Jewish calendar
JOBS212              S3 To-Do utility
JOKCLOCK             Disk jockey time utility
JOURNEY              Prototype journey timetabler/scheduler
JPCLI161             Another shareware command shell
JSTMSC95             Advanced music theory stuff for 3a
JUMPY#1              S3 Jumpy platform game
JWSPICVW             Grey scale picture viewer
KALL3                KallCost telephone-time coster
KAPARA10             Logic game - frustrating!
KEYBOARD             PC/MACSYS system for using PC keyboard with S3a built-in apps
KEYBOXES             S3 pairs game
KEYBX                Photo of an S3 (close-up)
KEYCAPS              Access special characters more easily
KGENE107             GEDCOM file reader/importer
KHLLINK              Agenda/Data link utility (needs Macsys)
KILMLOTT             Yet another Lottery analysis package
KMAC091              Psion freeware macro utility
KODTOTO              Encryption utility for *any* file
LABEL                Example code for Xmas labels from database
LAPTIMER             Simple lap timing utility
LCDCALC              Large-font 3a decimal calculator
LEAGLX50             League lexicon (manages football/bowling etc)
LEDGER17             Accounts system, handle multiple types of account
LGBK3A               Pilot's log book/organiser
LH0694               Laurel and Hardy enthusiasts data system
LIGHTAIR             Light Aircraft check-lists
LISTED72             List editor/maintainer
LISTMAKE             List Maker utility
LISTPT               Patient database listing utility
LJUNREG              "Lumberjack" London 12 PABX call logger
LO-11                Lights Off game
LOGBOOK              Anaesthetists logbook
LOK                  Steam Whistle sound sample
LOOPCALC.SPR         Spreadsheet to calculate inductance loops?
LOSTIN3D             Simple maze game
LOTCHECK             Lottery Syndicate checker
LOTO                 Graphical lottery random no. generator
LOTOS3               French lottery suite
LOTRY20              Good Lottery predictor
LOTSPICS             Er, lot's of PIC files ....
LOTTERS              A lottery no. generator
LOTTERY              Another Lottery no. generator
LOTTERY3             Lottery stats simulator
LOTTIE               Lottery generator/checker
LOTTLX21             A Lottery no. generator/checker/analyser
LOTTO422             More lottery generation and analysis
LOTTY                Yet another lottery generator
LP                   Print spooler, esp. for OPL programs
LUACH                Jewish dates and festivals
M1                   Collection of icons
M2                   Collection of icons
MACRO11              Another macro system for 3a
MACROR2R             Macsys and macro collection in ready-to-run form
MAKEALS              DOS-based Alias editor for S3
MALTS                Large database of whiskies
MANCALA              African game
MANDEL               Fractal program
MARCH                The March edition of PMN magazine
MAREE97              Tide calculator (in French)
MATCH                Medically-oriented database search aid
MATHWB13             Mathematical hypertext analysis tool
MAZE                 Maze adventure game
MAZE3A               Another Maze game
MCAL21C              Musicians utilities for S3
MCALC11              S3 Money calculator
MCRHTML              More MACSYS macros to help with HTML editing
MEDICI               Database of medical information
MEDMATE              Doctors toolkit of utilities
MEGAST11             S3a single file compressor
MEGG                 Tamagotchi-thing for your Psion
MEM0_01              S3 memo editor?
MEMO1                Simple dictaphone-style memo recorder
MEMONAG              S3a memo recorder, this one nags you as well
MEMOREC              Simple memo recorder
MERGEPR              S3 - mail merging system, tricky to set up
METEOR               Dodge the meteors game
METEORG              Shooting, meteors, plus adventure game
METRER               Paris train route-finder
METRO41              Paris route-finder deluxe, in french throughout
MIDIPLAY             Prototype MIDI file player/beeper
MIDN101              Lords of Midnight-type adventure game
MILES                Another car fuel economy program
MILLCLCK             Millenium countdown clock
MINEHUNT             Minehunter (another Minesweeper clone)
MINES133             Minesweeper
MINES32              S3 - Minesweeper game
MIRROR               Tile-mirroring strategy game
ML3                  S3 - Business mileage calculator
MM3A_150             Mastermind game (French and English)
MNY10                S3 - difficult bank account program
MOC10                Master of Ceremonies application
MONN21A              One-screen currency convertor
MONOP194             Monopoly clone game
MONT1                Montana patience for the S3
MONT1A               Montana patience game
MOON98               Moon cycles and astro events
MORSE                Morse code trainer for the 3a
MORSEV2A             Another Morse code trainer
MOV_MAP5             3a Demo of Sierra moving-map software
MPG11                S3 miles-per-gallon checker
MP_LONDON            Nicholson London Guide (for use with Mobile Pages viewer)
MP_TM                Transmedia pages (restaurants) (Use with Mobile Pages viewer)
MP_VIEW              Mobile Pages viewer (see various other entries)
MSOIBL               More icons for use with Icon Box (IBOX22)
MULTIPIC             Picture viewer
MUSI3A               MusiPoc 'Lite' Music composition tool
MUSICP               MusiPoc 'Professional' music tool
MUSIQU12             Primitive note editor, though does have two channels
MUTE                 ST TNG comms mute effect sound sample
MYCAR4I5             My Car vehicle expenses aid
N1_0297              Collection of icons
N2_0297              Collection of icons
NAV                  Simple Computer Flight Plan calculator
NAV2                 Pilot's utilities
NETPAY               Calculate PAYE and National Insurance
NEWCR1_2             Event scheduler to run programs and macros
NEWHOL               1997, 1998, 1999 holiday agenda file
NEWICONS             Replace 3a/3c icons with Siena-like 3D ones
NEWYORK.APP              New York streetfinder
NGR                  National Grid to Lat/Long convertor
NGRLL                National Grid to Lat/Long convertor
NISTTIME             Set Psion time while on-line
NO-PLATE.SPR             Sheet to decode car number plates into age
NOREV14              Anti-REVTRAN shareware utility
NOTE3A22             Notepad utility
NOTER                French agenda add-in to aid To-do entry
NPD_PLUG             "Plug-ins" for the commercial program Notepad
NPFIX                Patch for the commercial Notepad Deluxe
NPLAUNCH             File-launching NotePad Deluxe add-on
OASIS2               Tribute to Oasis (band)
OCEAN4               Tide predictor (english/french)
ODYDEMO              15-entry demo of Odyssey pilots's log
OFFLINE              Another CIX message reader
OH-FRAC              Fractal bits and pieces
OHM                  Resistance Colour code program
ON-BOARD             1997 Notable dates and events Agenda
ONESTP               "One small step for man ...." sound sample
OPL                  OPL examples given at Psion developers
OPLHEL               Series 3 OPL programmer's helper
OPLRAD               OPL application defaults toolbox
OPLREFS              OPL reference text
ORDSOR               Prototype directory/file space display util.
OTM1                 Collection of icons
OTM2                 Collection of icons
OUT119B              S3 outliner
OVERLOAD             Overload your Series 3 to destruction?!
OXO                  Noughts and crosses for the S3
P2P-100              PCX to PIC converter (DOS-based)
P3AOLR2              QWK mail reader v2
P3NFS54A             NFS connection software to Unix machine
PAINT                Simple painting program, with source
PAINT3               S3 - painting program
PAINT3A              Painting program
PAM                  S3 Personal Accounts Manager
PANIC                Novelty to display DONT PANIC at turn-on
PANSHLL              Emulate HC command shell
PARTYON              Wayne & Co "Party On Dudes" sound sample
PASAPP3A             3a agenda/data password protector
PASAPP3C             3c agenda/data password protector
PASON4E              Utility to disable power-on password during certain periods
PATHCURV             OPL code to draw pretty curves
PATIENTS             Patience cards game
PATOOLS              Utilities for Sound/PA Engineers
PAUK_151             Flash-card revision aid
PAY                  Simple pay check manager
PBF3A                Basic financial calculations
PBKDBF               Convert HP .PBK files(?) to Psion DBF?
PCALC                Pipe-related calculations (sewerage etc)
PCASH                Petty cash manager
PCOMMDEM             limited demo of PCOMM 3270,VT emulator
PDD                  Comms utility for Tandy Disk Drive
PEDIGREE             For bird-breeders only!
PERCA105             Markup calculator
PERIODC2             S3a Periodic table of the elements
PHCOMP               Psion text to .rss Help compiler
PHONE                Connect S3 to phone via serial i/f
PHONEDY2             Shareware phone day convertor
PHTO3A               Example grey scale pictures
PIANO_S3             Playable mini-piano!
PIC3A261             Crippled shareware painting package
PICASS2D             Picasso painting package
PICCONV              Archimedes Sprite-to-PIC convertor
PICPOC               S3 painting program
PICVIEW5             Shareware PIC viewer
PINFO                System info displayer
PING10U              Simple Pong game
PIPE3A               Simple Pipemania clone
PKTMSG21             Am radio Packet mail generator
PLAYIT2F             Play it again sound repeater
PLOG110              Amateur radio pocket logger
PLOTUW8              Graph plotting program
PLTPIC10             Convert Autocad PLT files to PIC format
PM12C_C              PsioMan Windows agenda/data viewer/editor
PM_GB                PsioMan english documentation
POCDO150             Pocket Doctor shareware
POCVIEW              .PIC file viewer/printer
POKER                Text-mode Poker simulation
POLAR20E             Shareware astronomy suite
PONG                 Ping-Pong 'arcade' game
PONTOON              Simple game
PORT4-2              Another portfolio manager (shares)
POST10               UK postage calculator
POWER                S3 Gas/electric bill esimator
POWERUP              Record memos etc on powerup
PPAINT32             Perfect Paint (large painting program)
PPT                  Psion PhoneDay conversion tools
PP_328               Split-screen amateur radio packet terminal
PP_FIX               PsiWin printer bug fix
PREFIX               Amateur Radio Call list database
PRIME                Prime number generator
PRINTSPR             .PIC to .PRT converter
PROCYON2             Astronomy suite
PRODRAW              Painting/image manipulator
PROPOL               PROPOC 'Lite' project manager
PROPOP               PROPOC 'Professional' project manager
PS48_141             Emulation of the HP48 calculator
PSAROS11             Tide prediction system
PSET11A              Tetris clone for the S3
PSHEL200             DOS-like command shell, with utilities
PSI030B              OS/2 serial access to SIBO palmtops etc
PSIALIFE             "Life" simulation game
PSICON               Windows icon editor for Psion 48x48 icons
PSIDD                Dialog designer 'wizard' for OPL beginners
PSIFIBS              FIBS (backgammon) game replayer/annotator
PSIGAR29             Garmin GPS interface utility
PSIMAN13             S3 - Little men for the small screen!
PSIONIR              Psion 3c/Siena to PC IRDA program (DOS)
PSIORY3A             S3a biorhythms program
PSIPHONE             Call costing utility
PSISHELL             A command interpreter shell (unix like)
PSITAC14             Macro-based contact management system
PSITEACH             Slideshow example for teachers
PSIUTILS             A collection of off-the-wall utilities
PSIVAULT             Data utility to encrypt entries
PSPK                 A (slow) text-to-speech systemPST-V3-1             Sound novelty. Psst!
PSTUNER2             Auto-sampling instrument tuner
PT103                Amateur Radio Packet Terminal
PTIMER               S3a Darkroom timer
PUFF                 English/German strategy game
PUZWRD19             Word-search game
PUZZLE               S3a - tile puzzle game
PWADDON              PsiWin programmer's add-on guide
PWCONV               PsiWin programmer's API
PWRSOUND             Plays sound file when the power is plugged in
QSOLOG12             Ham radio notebook/logging program
QUADRI               S3 TETRIS variant
QUAKE                S3a - tile-shuffling puzzle game
QUICKEX              Money to .QIF convertor
QUIZLEX              Quiz Lexicon for creating quizes for the 3a
RAILCALC             Timetable logger for the rail traveller
RAILUK22             British Railways Motive Power reference
RATIC10              Quadratic equation solver
READ25               Off-line reader for CIX for S3
READ49F              Off-line reader for CIX for S3a
REALLIFE             Real-life icons scaled for the Psion
REGPLATE             Database of car area registration codes
REORDER7             S3a database sorting utility
REPPOP               S3a mail merge/reports 'Professional'
REREF                COntact Edge reference-changing add-on
RES6RING             Resistor colour decoding
RES_TRAN             Another resistor calculator
RESET                Cross-inverting puzzle game
RESISTOR             Resistor colour code util.
REST20               Countdown to coming events
RFM110A              Remote File manager (DOS TSR, alpha test)
RINGIN               Old fashioned phone ring sound sample
RISK101A             Basic version of RISK game
RJWVIDEO             Video collection manager
ROBOTS               Robot strategy game
ROCKET               Siena game
ROMAN                Arabic ro Roman numeral convertor
RPI10                Retail Price Index calculator
RPNCALC              S3 reverse polish calculator
RSHELL               Large file manager
RTFMAC               Mac/S3 RTF utilities
S3-AZICO             A-Z icons for the 3a for use with lists
S3ACALC              Calculator allowing numerical keypad
S3ACCEST             Accountant/Estimator utilities
S3ACOLL2             Collections manager (video/audio/books etc)
S3ADRAW3             Viewing/Painting package
S3AHOME4             Home Inventory system (standalone module from S3aBank)
S3ANIMAT             S3 - animator program and examples
S3APAT2              Patch for battery bug in early S3as
S3APLAN3             S3a household bill planner/tracker
S3ASM2               Programmer's utility to embed assembler
S3ASPY               Shareware hex viewer/editor for 3a
S3ATASK3             Task/To-do manager
S3BJACK              BlackJack demo
S3BROWSE             Browse through database
S3CALC               Shareware numeric keypad for S3
S3D                  Simple CAD object viewer example for S3
S3ENIGMA             S3 - Mastermind-type puzzle game
S3HAYES              Hayes modem command database
S3HOST.LHA               Amiga file transfer utility
S3INFO               One screen info on drives etc
S3PICS               Assorted S3 PIC files
S3POKER2             S3 Video Poker v2
S3SHOW               S3 Slide-show by Pelican Software
S3SLIDER             Sliding tile puzzle
S3SPY                S3 SPY - looks at processes etc
S3ST200              Atari ST <-> Series 3 link software v2.00
S3STOPW              Stop Watch for S3
S3TANK11             Battle-zone-like tank game
S3TRIS               Very Configurable Tetris for Series 3
S3UNITS2             Another units conversion program
S3UUCODE             UUENCODE ASCII to Binary and back
S3UZ150L             Official Zipped version of the Unzip program
S3UZ150S             (Smaller) S3/3a Unzip program (no support for old PKZIP 1.1 archives)
S3VGIF               Series *3* GIF viewer
S3WHERE              Port of UNIX 'where' file locator
SAIKAN14             Japanese Kanji dictionary
SALETRAX             Contact manager
SAME_V2              French/english stone strategy game
SATALITE             PIC files of satellite weather maps
SAYTIM10             Speaks the time everytime you turn it on
SBU12B               Simple Backup Utility
SCANNER              Radio frequency database
SCAPT                PCX screen dumper
SCB23                Series 3 freeware accounts program v2.3
SCB3A23              Series 3a accounts program v2.3
SCLOCK               S3a speaking clock in english and italian
SCORCARD             Generic scoring utility
SCRAB11B             Intelligent screen grabber utility
SCROLLDB             S3 - browse databases in auto-cue fashion
SCRSAVE              3a screen-saver
SCUBA                Scuba-diving aid
SEARCH11             A first cut at a statistical analysis tool
SECTION              Calculations for mechanical engineers
SEE7V1               Timetable aid
SERV31               Pelican alarm server (3a etc)
SETEND               DOS utility to correct Supercalc/S3 problems
SETFONT              Set system font to a non-ROM font
SF                   SF mini-siren sound sample
SH3_17               Shell-3a command line interpreter
SHEET101             Home Accounts spreadsheet
SHEET2               Crippled S3 shareware spreadsheet
SHELL25              DOS shell (doesn't run DOS progs though)
SHELTER              Nuclear shelter numeric simulation
SHOOTING             Simple 3a shooting game (rifle simulator)
SHOWDB               Database browser
SHOWFONT             Shows different user fonts on screen
SHPNT110             Simple PIC file editor
SHUTTLE              Space shuttle graphical demo (Large)
SIENUTIL             Siena-compatible collection of OPL utilities
SIERRA6              Info on SIERRA6 aviators moving map system
SIMPOC               Simple spreadsheet?
SIREN                A proper siren sound sample
SKETCH08             Freehand sketching/painting util.
SLIDER               Simple sliding tile puzzle
SLIDESHO             S3a picture scanner/viewer
SMKR10S              Postscript/HTML Slide maker
SNABANK1             Huge Siena banking suite
SNAILS               Snails game
SNAKE                Simple snake-eating dots game
SNDFRC               Programmer's advanced access to S3 speaker
SNDOFF2              Stopping alarms going off in meetings
SOKOBAN              Sokoban again!
SOKOBAN2             Another 3a version of Sokoban
SOL3                 Card solitaire game
SOLAR                World sunlight rising/setting calculator
SOLAR1               A simple 3a lunar lander game
SOLITAIR             Graphical Solitaire card game
SOLO                 S3 solitaire game
SONNETS              Some Shakespeare sonnets
SOROUND              Database of films a/v in surround sound
SORTDA               Sorts databases on surname
SOUCOUP              A UFO animation
SPARROW              Bird sound sample
SPEAK                Freeware speech synthesis prototype
SPELL3A              S3a front-end to the S3 spell-checker
SPLITZ11             Utility to split and join text files
SPYDT142             Hypertext editing system
SSD207               PC DOS latest SSD drivers
ST100                Smart Tips utility for restaurants
STATEPEN             UK State Pension calculator
STBF10               French version of STB edutainment game
STDLON               Large STD code database
STEAMBLO             Steam train whistle sound sample
STERVU13             Stereogram viewer
STI13WVE             Sound files for Stikka 1.3 utility
STIKKA13             Post-It-style Jotter utility
STOPW104             S3 stop watch utility
STOX110              Stocks and shares monitoring
SUBV101              Sub-mission arcade/strategy game
SURFWEB              Info on surfing the WEB using TTY on a 3a
SW                   Simple stop watch
SW3A                 Strangeways game
SWDX.DBF                 Short-wave radio station database
SWITCH2              On S3, detects external power and disables auto-off
SW_GEN               Mobile Pages Generator demo
SYNC                 A synth riff sound sample
SYNCHRO              Synchronize files in local/remote directory
SYNDIC311            Lottery syndicate results checker
SYSAGENT             Allows saving of system preferences
SYSNAV14             Astronomical/coast navigator
T3IMG                Utility to display PalmPilot image files
T3MDB                Utility to display PalmPilot database files
TALE22               Another lottery stats analysis program
TAXI                 Taxi-fare predictor for London/NY
TCCALC1              PAL time-code calculator
TCR102               TCR compressed text file reader for Atari ST
TCREADER.ARC         Acorn Archimedes version of TCREADER
TDRAW11              Simple shape drawing program
TEC                  Temperature Error Correction spreadsheet
TECORIS              Columns game
TELTIMER             Telephone call timer
TENPIN               Application to analyse ten-pin bowling results
TERM120B             Demo/cut-down VT100 emulator
TESTER12             Revision aid
TESTS111             Revision tester utility
TETRIS               Tetris game. Nicely done, shareware.
TEXTVW11             S3 display of large text files
TFALL15              TileFall game
THRUSH               Bird sound sample
TIDE982              Tide calculator
TIMECALC             Timecode calculator
TIMEKEEP             Timer utility with billing options
TIMELO               Simple weekly project time stamper for 3a
TIMEM10C.TCR             HG Well's 'Time Machine' (Use with READER)
TIMEMAN              Time Manager (Siena)
TIMER11              S3a Multiple timers utility
TIM_41               Broadcaster's back-timer utility
TIPS.DBF                 How to tip in different countries
TITCHV2              Object-based drawing/hypertext app
TM403                3a Task Manager and program launcher
TODO121C             Series 3 To-Do manager shareware
TONEPD11             S3a DTMF tone generator
TOOLS21              Slow 3a file manager
TOON04               Cartoon music sound sample
TQM                  'The Quiz Master' quiz generator for 3a
TRACE                Graph plotting (in French)
TRACKSTM             S3a hurricane tracker
TRAIN125             PsiTrain scheduling framework
TRAVLANG             Prototype phrase book app.
TREE202              S3 - tree display of files and directories
TREELIFE             Fractal-like growth graphics
TREKDBF1             Databases for episodes of ST, STNG and DS9
TREND                Collect/reduce Pratt & Whitney PT6 params
TRIV11               S3 Trivia info system (symbols/units etc)
TRON                 Tron arcade game for 3a
TRX140               Sales-Trax Contact management system
TSHEE105             Time Sheet application
TT2FSC20             PC-based TrueType to FSC font converter
TTABLEV2             Term Table app for students
TTIM20               English/German Teletimer call coster
TUNER                German Sampler/tuner for the 3a
TURNONV1             Plays sound at power on
TV&VCR               TV and VCR faults and fixes, Astra codes and other electronics ref.
TWOSCOMP             2's complement calculator
TYPEIIFL             Drivers for S3 for Type II flash cards
UGGIE                Adventure/platform game
UKS3                 S3 set of UK attractions
UNDELETE             Recover deleted files on flash SSD
UNDERGND             Rather basic London Underground map
UNDERG2              Another Underground map and viewer
UNITS3A              S3a units conversion
UNZIP51X.LHA         Amiga UNZIP that works on all Amigas
UPOKE229             Ultimate Poker simulation
UTIL312F             Assorted utilities
UTILS23              Idiosyncratic 3a file manager
UTOPIA               Architect's U-value and condensation calcs
VACATION             Managing staff's vacations/entitlements
VARIPIC2             Example dithered pictures
VARIPIC3             More example dithered pictures
VAT_PROF             VAT utility
VBASE                Video cassette manager
VE                   Vocabulary exerciser
VERT                 Show large text files using vertical font
VERTIGO              Architect's Units conversions
VGIF20               GIF displayer/convertor
VIDEO                Hybrid video cassette management system
VIDEOLOG             Video cassette log system
VIDEOP               OPL code for dancer animation
VIDEO_01             S3 video cassette manager
VIEWER               Another PIC viewer
VIEWER2              Yet Another PIC viewer!
VIEWER3              Even Another PIC viewer!!
VIEWPIC              Another PIC viewer, for S3
VIEWPIC2             Yet another PIC viewer, for S3a
VIEWPICA.LHA         PIC viewer for Amigas
VINS                 All-french wine database system
VIP2                 Tourist Guide to New Zealand
VITAL                S3a clone of TRIVIA information utility
VLAND                Virtual landscape generator for map data
VOCAB                Some foreign vocab
VOYAGER              GPS/Mapper/miscellaneous utilities
VT100V25             VT100 comms terminal demo
W2                   World daylight calculator
WAKEUP               Husky wakeup voice
WAR_12               War artillery-style strategy game
WATCHDOG             Makes 3a respond to noises with WVE files
WBSRF172             HTML off-line viewer
WCALCV2              WageCalc calculator
WDOG                 Intelligent S3 password protect
WDRKIT               Printer driver compiler for .WD files
WEBWOR1D             Web world arcade game
WESAK                Welding Engineers Swiss Army Knife
WESTMIN              Westminster Bell sound sample
WHICH_CD             CD catalog aid
WHIZZ                Whizzing noise sound sample
WHO_TV.DBF           Dr Who TV database
WICA3A13             Winnings calculator for gamblers
WILLY11              Platform game for the S3a
WINELIST             Reporter on Wine Guide user entries
WIRING               Basic wiring/resistance utilities
WIT&WIS              Wit and Wisdom
WLDINF11             World information database for travellers
WORDPRO              Macro-based vocabulary aid
WORLDEQ              Picture of world in equidistant projection
WOTISIT              Another Hangman variant
WREN                 Bird sound sample
WRLDPRT              Show the S3a WORLD map in 3-D etc
WRONG                "Uh-uhhh" sound sample
WSERVER              Window Server documentation (a la SDK)
WSFCOMP              Psion font compiler (experts only)
WTBAL                Weight/Balance calculator for pilots
WTRSPRG              Spring of water sound sample
WWW                  Database of handy Web sites to visit
X3TREE12             Shareware file manager
XFADE                OPL construction aid
XFFRAME               "      "        "
XFICOLIB              "      "        "
XFILE17              Extended group filing system for 3a
XFILES               Database of X-files episodes
XFJOT                S3a jotter utility
XFSCREEN             OPL construction aid
XMAN                 Expense manager
XMATE110             Cross Mate crossword authoring tool
XVERT                Another S3a unit conversion program
XYZ34EN              Formulator/Calculator for 3a
YAM13                Yet Another Minesweeper game
YATZ                 S3 - Simple Yahtzee dice game (freeware)
YHT103               Text-based Yahtzee game
YNOT100              S3 - Superb shareware Yahtzee dice game
YO                   Guy saying "Yo dude" sound sample
ZBINGO               Shareware Bingo-calling from your S3
ZMDMPTCH             Patch to enable Zmodem use in comms scripts on early S3cs
ZTERM100             Z Modem file xfer and term emulation
ZVR                  Vertical text reader

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