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Here you'll find the shareware versions of Opera, for all EPOC variants, plus v1.52 of Psion's freeware e-mail and web-browser application suite for the Series 5 'classic'. You'll also find utilities that work with the EPOC Release 5 versions of Email and Web. See the individual program notes for more details, as many are restricted to specific software versions. You have been warned!

ALTERNET          15/11/99  Signature and bookmarking system
ATIME             10/10/03  Atomic Time utility for synching time to an atomic clock on the net
COMPANION         20/01/00  Shell that sits on top of all versions and adds new buttons
EMAIL_REPLY       25/01/05  Macro set to indent quotes messages in emails
EMS115            25/01/05  Email synchronisation update 1.1 from Psion. Only use if appropriate!
ENGWEB            15/11/99  Version of Web that works on 5mx palmtops with "SERIE5MX" faulty ROMs
ER3Opera          09/09/00  Shareware version of Opera 3.62 web browser for Series 5 'classic' (ER3)
ER5Opera          09/09/00  Shareware version of Opera 3.62 web browser for Revo, Series 5mx, Series 7, etc. (ER5)
IMAP4             29/10/04  IMAP4 plug-in for EPOC Messaging Suite
IRDAUPDATE        24/10/98  IRDA update for those still on v1.50f of Message Suite
MAILARC           02/09/02  Archives Email and SMS messages, enabling Email to work more efficiently
MFOLDERLITE       30/05/99  Message folder system addon
MOBILEGPRS        24/02/04  Mobile GPRS update, from Psion circa 2001. Use only if necessary!
MSGSUITE          23/10/98  Email and Web software for Series 5 'classic' owners, v1.52f from Psion
MSGSUITE_DEUTSCH  17/07/98  German language version of Message Suite for Series 5 'classic' owners, v1.10
MSGSUITE_FRANCAIS 27/07/98  French language version of Message Suite for Series 5 'classic' owners, v1.10
NETUTILS          10/10/03  Ping and other useful TCP/IP utilities
OPERA514          06/12/02  Shareware version of Opera 5.14 web browser for ER5 machines only
QUOTEMYMAIL       06/12/02  Quote-my-mail, auto-quoting addon for Email
SAVEM-R3          27/06/00  SaveMail Macro add on for Email
SAVEMAILER5       07/02/01  SaveMail Macro add on for Email (ER5 version)
SEARCH            27/08/98  Customised search page for Message Suite users       
SIGNIT            24/10/98  Utility to insert signatures into new emails
SIG_V1_11         08/01/99  Another signature-inserting utility
SIGNATUREMX       21/01/00  Signature-inserting for the 5mx etc.
SINK2             10/12/03  Vital utility to run in the background and stop Internet probe attacks from worm-infected machines
SMTPAUTH          14/06/03  SMTP authorizing utility - run this before email sending through auth-requiring ISPs
TCPIPUPDATE       26/01/04  Official patch to stop the same worms as SINK2 above. Try installing this or SINK2 (but probably not both!)
WAP               04/01/04  The official Psion WAP browser. Warning: setting up WAP isn't trivial!
WEBGRABBER        21/01/00  Grab web pages and make them available, with graphics, offline
WINMAIL           09/09/00  Utility to decode WINMAIL.DAT attachments sent to you by mistake
XJMAIL            20/09/04  XJMail Email client, complex setup for experts only, but includes SMTP authentication

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