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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer or PsiMac to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "Properties" command to remove this attribute.

Mapping and navigation applications
5METRO12     10/04/98 Metro routefinder (Paris, in french)
AROVS597     18/08/97 Amateur Radio overlays for Psi-Mapper/GB
C5METRO20-1  31/07/98 French-language Paris public transport route-finder (part 1)
C5METRO20-2  31/07/98 French-language Paris public transport route-finder (part 2)
CMETRO12GB   31/07/98 English-language (earlier) version of CMetro app above
CODRIVER     29/02/00 Talking GPS addon for commercial Route Planner & StreetPlanner
CODRIVERGER  21/05/99 Talking GPS addon for commercial Route Planner (german version)
COMPASS      07/02/01 Sun-alignment compass utility 
GARPSI5      30/05/99 Garmin GPS to Psion connection suite (english and french)
GEO201       07/09/98 GeoDIS mapping system with basic maps of Switzerland and other countries
GPSCLIP      14/06/03 Places NMEA info from a GPS onto the EPOC clipboard
LOCATIONS    01/06/04 Locations coordinate tranformer (LAT/LONG/OS GRID, etc.)
M5LOGGER     28/11/97 Business/Personal milage log
MAP5GB61     30/05/99 Psi-Mapper/GB mapping system for Great Britain. Towns, roads, overlays, codes etc.
MAP5IR22     30/05/99 Psi-Mapper/Ireland mapping system
MAP5LO31     30/05/99 Psi-Mapper/London mapping system for Greater London. Places, roads, overlays.
PSITREX      02/09/02 PsiTrex: Psion-eTrex GPS integration
RADINFO      17/09/97 Radio stations/transmitters & tourist info centres across Psi-Mapper/GB
REALMAPS     10/10/03 Mapping/GPS utility, overlaying position on scanned-in maps (includes WINS 'emulator' version)
RM-CHAN      09/11/98 Sample map for use with RealMaps above
S5ANCIEN     17/09/97 Prehistoric and ancient overlays for Psi-Mapper/GB
TUBEROUTE    28/04/05 Tube route-finding system
VWATLAS      02/09/02 vwAtlas world mapping system, with GPS support

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where... Note also that some programs use the Windows 95/Mac/Series 5 'long' filenames...

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