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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category. Note that the list quotes the original author ZIP file names and dates, for your reference. In the corresponding folders, we've unzipped them all, to save you time.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer, PsiMac, WinLink or any other Psion communications utility to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "File attributes" command to remove this attribute.

1K-PAD     27/01/97 Tiny 'Jotter'-like notepad
3-IN-ONE   26/10/98 Missing-alarm solution utilities
3T_140     01/04/97 Smallish but functional 3a file manager
AGDMP105   06/03/97 Agenda-reporting/dumping/printing summariser
ARUN104    08/01/99 Restarts programs after closedown etc.
BIGSHEEP   06/01/99 Small utility collection
BUSYV141   07/07/97 "Busy" View month-add-on to 3a Agenda
CALENDAR   22/11/99 Calendar builder, Agenda alternative
CHARMETC   04/06/95 Character utility plus MACSYS macro hot-key to call it from WORD
CHATLITE   28/01/99 Voice memo utility
COFE       24/04/97 HOL format Church of England festivals (see HOL entry)
DISKC11    14/08/99 Disk Copier (hex/image copy, for tech use)
DPSWIT12   27/05/96 Task switcher (saves button bar use)
DRIVERS    29/07/96 Lots of HP, Epson, Canon etc printer drivers for MC-WORD, S3 and S3a
ENHAN637   14/08/99 Alarm enhancer - allows working while snoozing!
EXAB20D    26/10/98 Text assistant macro (needs Macsys)
FREENOTE   22/11/99 Quick note-jotter tool
GBATT131   12/06/97 Battery life estimator/monitor
HOL020     24/04/97 HOLiday calculator, reads .HOL rules to generate Agenda merge files
ICONEDA    05/09/93 Icon/Bitmap editor
INFOCEN    23/03/98 Document control centre
IRLINK     09/04/99 Infrared link connection between two SIBO palmtops
IROBEX3    21/09/04 IrObEx upgrade for Series 3 class palmtops, exchange info with other modern handhelds
JBACTIVE   19/08/98 Process and application control centre
JBDUPES    29/05/97 Find, view and delete duplicate files
JBEYECON   02/02/98 Good Icon/Picture browser
JBFIN27C   20/01/97 Searches for file contents, view contexts, launch apps etc.
JBJUMP     03/03/97 Jumps to any app on turn-on
JBLAUN27   25/06/96 Launches apps etc from common icon
JBSG192    30/09/98 JB Stop-Go. Automates closing and opening of programs and files either side of a backup
JBST112A   02/01/95 Fast database sorter for the 3a
JOINFILE   19/04/96 Archives/joins files together
JWIN152F   23/10/98 Handy conversions & fuel & date functions
KBDMAP12   08/08/96 Keyboard remapper (powerful, for advanced users)
LPAD215F   24/10/98 Launch Pad shareware app launcher
MEMOFIND   15/01/94 Memo-maintenance tool for the 3a agenda
MEMOV157   11/04/97 Memo/jotter pad for quick notes
MENUS3     10/08/99 Application launching system
MILLEN     08/03/99 Millenium countdown clock
MONT110E   29/05/97 MonthVu Month-at-a-view Agenda viewer
MOVER10    29/08/96 Small file moving utility
NL100      11/03/97 Series 3c backlight-automator
PHUNJU12   24/10/98 Task switcher
PICPRINT   06/02/95 Psion GmbH's screen-grabber/printer
PLANNER    03/10/94 View Year-at-a-time on S3 Agenda files
P-ON40     21/10/95 Plays sound/records memos on turn-on
PRINTPIC   09/02/94 S3/3a Print PIC files to Canon BJs
PSION22    02/01/98 Utility to intelligently handle your password/sound/backlight/agenda etc
PUR130F    30/09/96 Power Up memo Recorder
QALM140F   05/06/97 Quick Alarm settings (boiled eggs, tickets etc!) - multi-lingual
RECBIN     28/01/99 Recycle Bin (safe deletes!)
S3CIRPR    12/02/97 Latest S3c IR printer drivers
SHEEPXTR   09/06/99 Small utility collection
SLEEPE20   20/05/97 Intelligent control of backlight on back-lit S3c
SMS3C      09/11/04 Utility to send SMS messages through infrared mobile phone
SPR2DBF    23/11/94 Simple DBF to SPR and back conversions, text only.
SPY3A      07/10/93 Task displayer/investigator
SWITCHER   12/11/99 S3a/3c/Siena pretty task switcher
SYSMEM2    23/07/95 Macro for MACSYS which shows free system memory on 1Mb and 2Mb machines
TEXTVW21   02/08/94 Browse/search in large text files
TMAN400F   24/07/97 Lots of Time-related and other utilities in one shell
TZONE102   05/12/98 Time zone maintenance tool
USRINF11   11/03/99 Tool for updating the owner contact display
VIEW301    29/08/96 Simple PIC file viewer
VJOT22S    14/01/99 Voice Jotter sound utility
WLDTIME6   03/02/97 World Time for 6 countries
WORDCRYP   22/11/99 Word Crypt, helps out to decode forgotten WORD passwords
XAPPS11    02/02/95 Simple agenda/database password protection

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where...

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