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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category. Note that there may be additional items on the CD that are not mentioned in the list. These will have arrived in the last few days before the CD was mastered. Note also that the list quotes the original author ZIP file names and dates, for your reference. In the corresponding folders, we've unzipped them all, to save you time.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer, PsiMac, WinLink or any other Psion communications utility to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "File attributes" command to remove this attribute.

3BASE_UK       21/10/97 3-base all purpose Windows database conversion tool
AKA230         15/01/95 'Also Known As' OPL code compactor/obfuscator (DOS)
DBFC102                 DOS ASCII to S3 DBF convertor
DBFEDIT2                Windows-based DBF editor, including DBF Visual Basic 3 VBX control
DBFTXT10                DOS DBF-to-comma delimited convertor
DSLINK         28/04/05 Direct link to the Internet through your PC's connection
ORG56          28/10/04 Patch to let PsiWin sync to latest Lotus Organizer versions
PASSTHRU       11/03/99 Connect a Psion up to the PC's serial port to use a net connection etc.
PCAGENDA       17/11/99 Windows 95 Agenda editor for S3 agenda files
PSIWINREGCLEAN 01/06/04 Registry cleaner to use after de-installation of PsiWin
PSSTHR32       11/08/99 32-bit version of the above?
PICVU10        31/10/93 View PIC files directly from DOS
PRESENTATION   04/01/04 The old (unsupported) commercial Presentation Maker software, for handling PowerPoint files (via PsiWin) and giving shows
PSDBVIEW       21/05/99 Windows 95 Psion S3 database editor/viewer
PSIO           20/03/03 Windows front-end for various Psion conversion utilities
REC2WAV        02/09/02 Command line EPOC Record to WAV sound converter
S3ATRAN.162    29/08/94 Latest ZIP of OPL compiler for 3a (DOS)
TOMERAIDIT     02/09/02 Tomeraidit HTML pre-processor for TomeRaider
TOMEWIN        20/01/00 Windows reader for the large EPOC TomeRaider files
WAVECONV       16/11/93 Converts all WAV files to S3a WVEs (DOS)
WINSIS         08/03/99 Front end for MAKESIS tool (Windows)
WRD2TXT        11/07/94 .WRD to .TXT convertor/processor (DOS)
WSPCX314       28/06/94 PCX to PIC conversion and much more!  (DOS)
WVE2WAV        03/10/94 WVE to WAV conversion utility (DOS)

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where...

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