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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer or PsiMac to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "Properties" command to remove this attribute.

Money-related programs
5ACCOUNT         04/06/01 5Account bank account manager
5XPN39S          02/05/98 Expenses manager
ABP              02/09/02 Excellent freeware bank account and investments manager
ABPEURO          02/09/02 Euro converter for ABP (see above) data
ADVDEMO5         30/05/99 Financial Advisor utility
BANK             23/06/99 Another shareware bank account manager
BANKPLUS         15/11/99 BankPlus bank account manager
BANKREVO         15/11/99 BankPlus bank account manager (Revo version)
BANKTRAN         21/07/97 Translator for S3aBank account files to move to S5Bank etc
CASHCALC         03/11/97 Income and loan calculator
CODECHECK        02/09/02 Credit-card and VAT code check-summing tool
COMPANYACCOUNTING 09/09/00 Invoice and account manager for small companies
CURRENCY_EXCHANGE 22/11/99 Currency calculator
DCLFUEL          20/01/00 Fuel monitoring program
DP5BANKE         10/12/97 DP Bank (english version) bank acct manager
EASYBANK         29/02/00 EasyBank spreadsheet solution
EASYXPNS         22/11/99 EasyExpense spreadsheet solution for expenses
EUROCALC3110     23/06/99 Euro-calculator
FINANCE          31/07/98 Financial calculator addon to ConvertPro
FINCALC5         20/01/00 Financial Calculator
FUELTRAN         20/10/97 Translator for S3aFuel account files to move to S5Fuel etc
HOMEBANK         20/01/00 HomeBank budget analysis and accounts suite
JABP             04/01/04 Java-based Banking program, also runs on other handhelds
LOTTOWIZ         07/02/01 Gambling management system (e.g. lottery) 
MONEY12          31/07/98 Palmtop BV Money v1.2 upgrade patch
MONEY1401D       11/03/99 Palmtop BV demo version of Money
MONEYBAG         18/10/01 Bank account manager
MONNAIE          16/04/01 Currency convertor
MONNAIEGER       16/04/01 Currency convertor (german version)
MOTORINGEXPENSE  20/03/03 Psion Motoring Expenses Manager
MYCARS5UK        02/01/98 MyCar vehicle expenses manager
OPTIONAPP        07/02/01 OptionApp calculates Put and Call and Binomials for share dividends
POCKETBANK       20/01/00 Bank account manager, 5/5mx version
POCKETBANK_REVO  20/01/00 Bank account manager, Revo version
PORFOLIO         22/08/01 Porfolio stock/share tracking
PORFOLIOFRA      22/08/01 Porfolio stock/share tracking (french version)
PORFOLIOGER      06/04/01 Porfolio stock/share tracking (german version)
PORFOLIOITA      30/05/00 Porfolio stock/share tracking (italian version)
PSIBANK5         25/05/98 Psi-Bank freeware bank account manager
PSIBANK5DE       25/05/98 Psi-Bank freeware bank account manager - German version
PSIBANK5NL       25/05/98 Psi-Bank freeware bank account manager - Netherlands version
PSISHOP          22/08/01 Suite for the small business or shop
QUIKCALC         17/11/97 S5 front-end for Quicken on the PC
RMRBANK          16/04/01 Complete home finance suite. Bank accounts to expenses to stocks and shares etc. Multiple languages supported.
RMRCAR           09/09/00 Company Car Manager
RMREURO          02/09/02 Euro-converter for all other RMR financial programs - convert all your data!
RMREXPENSE       16/04/01 Expenses manager
RMRFUEL          02/09/02 Fuel economy analysis package
RMRHOME          20/01/00 Home Inventory system
RMRINVEST        09/09/00 Stocks and shares tracker
RMRWAGES         18/10/01 Payslip database and analyser
RPI21            19/08/98 Retail-Price-Index calculator
TAX99            12/11/99 UK-specific self-employed tax calculations
TPEN             30/05/00 Trip+ expenses and motoring manager
TVM10            16/09/98 Time Value of Money loan calculator
VATCALC          27/07/00 Add or subtract VAT
WAGES            20/01/00 Wage calculator/checker
XCHG11           08/09/97 Currency convertor
XPEN             22/08/01 General expenses suite

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where... Note also that some programs use the Windows 95/Mac/Series 5 'long' filenames...

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