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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category. Note that there may be additional items on the CD that are not mentioned in the list. These will have arrived in the last few days before the CD was mastered. Note also that the list quotes the original author ZIP file names and dates, for your reference. In the corresponding folders, we've unzipped them all, to save you time.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer, PsiMac, WinLink or any other Psion communications utility to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "File attributes" command to remove this attribute.

The following programs are designed to work specifically on the Psion
Siena, with its smaller screen. They will also work on the 3a and 3c,
of course. Note that *some* 3a/3c programs will also work on the
Siena, as long as they don't demand too much of the screen width.
3TS_101    12/02/97 Small file manager
ADVISIE5   21/05/99 Financial advisor
ANIMATOR   03/08/99 Simple animation package
BANKS114   06/06/98 BankPlus account manager
BIGSHEEP   06/01/99 Utility collection
CASETM10   16/09/98 CaseTimer multiple-timer
CASTLE2    24/05/00 Castle RPG game
COLLEG20   12/05/97 Employee extension database
CONVERT    23/10/98 Shareware units convertor
DUN22      11/03/97 Freeware dungeons game
FAXITS11   24/10/98 FaxIt fax-sending suite
FIGUR125   05/10/96 Some financial calculations
FIT4LIF3   16/09/96 Fitness for Life. Freeware heart rate measurement, analysis and advice
FT11B      28/01/97 "Future Trader" futures simulation
GOLFC201   17/01/97 GolfCard match logger/analysis
GMIND110   14/08/99 Mastermind game
GRAPH      14/08/99 Graph plotter
GUITAR2    31/08/99 Guitarist's utilities
JBATT      09/03/99 Battery monitor utility
JUMPY!PS   05/12/98 Jumpy 'Plus' platform arcade game
JWIN152F   23/10/98 Handy conversions & fuel & date functions
LIFEGUI3   01/04/97 Bible-based guide for life!
LPAD215F   24/10/98 Launch Pad shareware app launcher
MAPS11     16/10/96 Mapper-Si/GB mapping/distancing geographical information system for GB
MAST102    28/01/97 Mastermind game
MONTHVUS   05/12/96 Month-at-a-time viewer for Agenda
OASIS      02/10/97 Tribute to Oasis (the band)
PASAPPSN   10/12/97 Password system for Data/Agenda files
PCOLLECT   10/09/97 Record collector's utility
PPVIEW     08/03/99 Small picture viewer
PSICON     05/08/99 Icon designer
PSIDOS     05/08/99 Command shell
PSION22    02/01/98 Utility to intelligently handle your password/sound/backlight/agenda etc
PSITACSI   20/10/97 PsiTact contact manager
QALM140F   05/06/97 Quick Alarm settings (boiled eggs, tickets etc!) - multi-lingual
QBANK      02/05/98 Small bank account manager
QCALC      22/11/99 Scientific calculator/formula system
QUIKN200   25/11/96 Quick-Note 'Jotter' type utility
RELATE     04/11/97 Good contact/client manager
S-GP12     14/04/97 Games Compendium version of Blackjack, LEM, Light Cycles, RoboDungeon, Connect4
SBRICKS    27/07/00 Breakout game
SDUNG1-0   04/01/97 Dungeon monsters/adventure game
SHART10    12/01/97 Hearts card solitaire
SHEEPXTR   09/06/99 Extra utilities and games
SHOVE      01/04/97 Tile-swapping puzzle
SIEIRPR    03/02/97 Siena Infrared printer drivers
SIENA_UP   30/10/96 Ultimate Poker game
SIENDICATE 22/11/99 Lottery syndicate checker
SNACOLL0   14/10/96 Collection manager (books, CDs, videos etc)
SNADRAW0   28/01/97 Drawing/painting, with example pictures
SNAEXP0    14/10/96 Expenses Manager
SNAHOME1   12/05/97 Home Inventory manager
SNAINV0    12/05/97 Shares/portfolios manager
SNDR112    18/12/98 Siender arcade game ('Defender' clone)
SNFILE12   12/02/97 Large, comprehensive file manager
SNAFUEL2   03/02/97 Fuel Consumption Monitor
SNAPLUS    11/04/97 Plus Pack (Hour - beeps time in dark, Units - conversions spreadsheet, Tree - file tree viewer, Guitar - string tuner, Chars - character set aid)
SNFAQ.TXT  16/06/97 Siena FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
SNGOLF10   31/10/96 Siena Golf game
SNRAIL11   24/01/99 UK Railway locomotive reference
SNREAD23   29/04/97 Reader - compressed text viewing system for e-books and reference documents
SNTERM10   20/12/96 VT100/ANSI terminal emulator
SOLPEG22   22/10/96 Marble-jumping game
SPVEN01    09/04/99 Space Venture trading game
STB10      27/03/97 Shut The Box dice game
SUBWAY     15/01/97 Underground route-finder
TICTACTO   08/01/99 TicTacToe 'noughts and crosses'
TIMERSI    28/01/97 Timer/countdown utility
TLIST120   06/06/98 Siena task list
V2         22/11/99 Collection of applications, utilities and games
WAR_S_12   09/07/97 War strategy game
XPEN110A   05/12/96 Expenses Management system
YAHTSIENA  22/11/99 Yahtzee
YAHTZEE    10/09/97 Yahtzee game

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where...

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