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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category. Note that there may be additional items on the CD that are not mentioned in the list. These will have arrived in the last few days before the CD was mastered. Note also that the list quotes the original author ZIP file names and dates, for your reference. In the corresponding folders, we've unzipped them all, to save you time.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer, PsiMac, WinLink or any other Psion communications utility to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "File attributes" command to remove this attribute.

BROWSE    01/06/98 Picture thumbnail browser
CALC3A17  01/01/97 The CALC-3a scientific calculator, equation solver, graph plotter
CALCLR    21/03/98 Linear Regression routines for the Calculator
CP1       22/01/96 A library of OPL maths routines for use in the Series 3 calculator
DQEPLUS   23/06/99 Data Query Plus database searching utility
DRAW285   19/01/98 Comprehensive painting and drawing package, with printing facilities
DRAWIT    11/11/03 Vector drawing and pseudo-DTP package
EDGE46    23/08/97 Freeware "Contact Edge" contact management system
ENGICONS  26/03/99 Assorted icons for re-use in freeware apps/program groups etc
FIREPIC   01/11/95 PIC/PCX file converter/viewer with OPL libraries
GIZMO     20/03/03 The alternative Series 3 calculator!
GPLOTA2   06/06/94 Graphing/maths package
GRAF3A    30/05/00 Graph-3a graphics calculator
GRAPH22   15/10/99 Function-plotter
GWMATH11  14/11/96 Complementary maths routines for Graph-3a (S3 or S3a/c)
JBDAT154  10/05/98 Very good freeware data view/list/edit/search/printer etc
LETMAIL   10/10/98 Mail merging system for direct-connected printer
LOG23     09/07/97 Contact Log (logging client contacts)
MCAL21A   14/06/94 Musician's utilities
OSIRIS    27/06/00 Extensible graphical calculation system
PSDATA    08/01/99 Database searcher/sorter
PSICONS   12/05/97 Ultimate collection of Psion icons
PSITACL2  28/08/97 PsiTact Lite contact manager
QCD-READ  16/08/97 Quick-Cad graphics file viewer
QTCS      21/01/00 Pure maths calculation routines
REGREPSN  10/08/99 Regression analysis and statistics
ROUTES    22/01/96 Journey ETA calculator (spreadsheet)
SLID30    16/05/98 Slideshow/demo/tutorial system
SORT      27/03/93 S3 Clever sorting (e.g. on surname) for your databases
VECP111   13/05/98 Complete vector graphics/CAD system

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where...

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