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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer or PsiMac to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "Properties" command to remove this attribute.

Miscellaneous applications
5TIME             24/05/00 Time and task manager
AGENEDB           04/12/98 Genealogy suite
ALMANAC           29/02/00 Reference app - Events for the last 100 years
ANAELOG           16/04/01 Anaesthetists logbook
AP12_ENG          09/04/99 AstroPlan astrology aid
ART               09/09/00 Art collection database system
ASTHMA            30/05/99 Asthma management aid for sufferers
ATMOS5            10/12/03 Atmosphere calculations, for students, physicists, etc.
B5                23/06/99 Business5 sales and project aid
B5FR              23/06/99 Business5 sales and project aid (french version)
BEATTEST          18/10/01 Test a tune's rhythm (beat tester)
BIBLE5            14/03/98 Bible information database
BIKLOG5           22/07/03 Cyclist's logbook
BIO               17/11/99 Biorhythms application
BMIPRO            30/05/00 Body-Mass-Index calculator
BOOK              09/09/00 Book Cabinet organiser
BWEN              04/06/01 Business Warrior sales opportunity tracker
BWER3EN           16/04/01 Business Warrior sales opportunity tracker (Series 5 classic version)
BWFR              16/04/01 Business Warrior sales opportunity tracker (french)
CALENDAR          07/02/01 Month-by-month calendar (alternative to Agenda)
CALORIEWATCH      22/11/99 Dieting aid
CAMERAD           15/11/99 Camera assistant (calculates fstops etc)
CCV2DEMO          09/04/99 CallCalc phone call costing
CHARTNOTE         30/05/00 Clinic notes for doctors etc
CHEMTOOLS30       05/12/98 Chemistry utilities
CIXED             07/02/01 CIX Off-line-reader, e-mail etc.
CLIENT_L          16/04/01 Clientele manager, for medical or other professional use
CM                24/05/00 DATA-based Contact Management shell
CMELOG            27/07/00 Professional credits management, especially for medical people
CONJUGUE          23/04/01 Reference for conjugating french verbs
CONREVO           20/01/00 Conversion calculator for Revo
CONS5             23/10/98 Shareware units conversion suite
CONTACT           10/08/99 RMR Contact management system
CONTSYNC          19/11/03 Contacts synchronisation between Psion palmtop and Nokia 9210
COUNTRIE          07/08/97 Database of info for all world countries
CTIMER5           17/11/99 Countdown timer
CUSTOMER          16/11/00 Customer relation manager
DATASEL           09/09/00 Alternative for DATA
DCALC             22/08/01 HP calculator emulator
DIABETESMANAGER   07/02/01 Diabetes Management software
DIAL14            14/03/98 Telephone call management program
DREAMCONNECT      13/06/03 Contacts Manager, replaces Contacts
DSTEDIT           30/09/97 Advanced text editor
EBOOK             22/08/01 Viewer for 'DOC' and TCR format etexts and more
EMPOWER0104       09/04/99 People, task and expense manager
EMU48E            24/02/04 A freeware HP 48/49 calculator emulator
ETOOLS            30/05/00 Engineer's Tools (calculators etc)
FACSMAN           22/11/99 Facilities Manager
FINDIT            15/11/99 Finds details in multiple databases
FLWORLD           16/11/00 Multiple world clocks
FLY5              30/07/97 Pilots (freeware) utilities
FLYTERM           09/09/00 VT100/ANSI terminal emulator, optimised for IRDA
FMAT2             15/11/99 Materials handbook (engineers)
FORMULA           28/09/98 Evaluate commonly-used formulae
FORMULARY         22/08/01 Formulary, evaluate expressions, plot lines, etc.
FREENOTE          12/09/03 List-based note-taking jotter tool
FRETTED           02/09/02 OpenSource guitar tuning system
GEN5              20/01/00 Ancestral tree maker/browser
GEN5REVO          20/01/00 Ancestral tree maker/browser, Revo version
GENMVD            21/09/04 Genealogical Database Browser, work away from your PC
GLUCOMON          28/04/05 Glucose Monitor (for diabetics?)
GUITAR5           02/09/02 Chord database system
HAMLOC            20/01/00 Amateur radio locator/convertor system
HARDENS           29/02/00 Hardens restaurant guide
HERMES05A         05/08/99 VT100 terminal emulator/telnet client
HOME              09/09/00 Home Collection inventory manager
HTML-ER3          27/06/00 HTML editor/designer (S5 Classic version)
HTML-ER5          27/06/00 HTML editor/designer (S5mx etc. version)
HTMLCONVERTER     09/09/00 Text to HTML wizard system
HTMLEDIT          02/09/02 HTMLEdit, web page editing system
ICELOG            29/02/00 Multiple timers and time-charging system
ICONTACTS         02/09/02 IContacts - an excellent Contacts replacement application (includes IAgent help system)
IPCONTACT123      09/06/99 Relational phonebook manager
KEEPFIT           22/01/00 Fitness tracker
LIFEGUIDE         10/03/99 Bible-based guide to Life
LIFEGUIDE_FR      26/03/99 Bible-based guide to Life (french version)
LIFEPLAN          25/01/05 LifePlan task/to-do organiser for life's ambitions
LISTPLUS          27/07/00 List maker and project handler
LITTLESENSE       29/02/00 Little Sense english dictionary
LOGBOOK           15/11/99 Anaesthetists logbook
LOGIT             03/10/04 LogIt, track time for multiple projects and customers
MCQ5              22/11/99 Multiple Choice Quiz tester
MEDIKIT           28/06/00 Medical utilities and functions
MENTOR            22/11/99 Task-based personal management
MHELP50           21/05/99 Maths Help equation solver
MILE13            10/08/98 Business Mileage logger
MOBIREADER        22/07/03 Mobipocket Reader (reads platform-independent compressed XML files)
MOVIESV11         05/12/98 Movies database
MUSIC             09/09/00 Music Collection (database)
MYNOTES           01/06/04 Jotter-like note-taker for Psion 5mx
NEWTELNET         16/11/00 Telnet client for logging into remote servers
NFTP              27/07/00 FTP client for Series Revo, 5mx
NFTP-SERIES7      27/07/00 FTP client for Series 7 and netBook
NICQ              02/09/02 Client for the Internet ICQ service
NODEMAP           27/06/00 Heirarchical note taker
NOTEIT            22/11/99 Note-taker
NOTEPLAN          06/04/01 NotePlan jotter system with synch-able Windows version
NOTEPADDELUXE     10/10/03 Notepad outliner/jotter
OCEAN5            22/11/99 Ocean tide predictor
ODYSSEY           22/11/99 Pilot's logbook
PARISH_FINDER_5   08/01/99 UK Parish database and search engine
PBCONVERT         02/09/02 Freeware conversion system
PDBREAD           07/02/01 Reader/converter for Palm OS database files
PDF               02/09/02 Basic Acrobat PDF viewer
PDFPLUS           02/09/02 Deluxe Acrobat PDF viewer demo
PERIODIC          09/04/99 Periodic table browser
PERGERM           08/04/98 Periodic table browser (german version)
PHONEMAN          03/09/02 Great SMS/utility tool for IRDA cell phones
PHOTOPAL          16/11/00 Photographer's utilities
PIANO27           26/03/99 Piano/tune recorder/metronome/keys musician's calculator (5/5mx version)
PIANO30           18/01/00 Piano/tune recorder/metronome/keys musician's calculator (Revo version)
PIANOHS5          03/11/97 Piano Helper
PIP               11/08/99 Patient Information Manager for those that are medically inclined
PLAN5             27/06/00 Plan - the project management system
POLAR_OLR         06/12/02 Polar - the next generation off-line-reader for the CIX bulletin board system
POLARIS           27/06/00 Astronomy suite
PREGNANCYTRACKER  29/02/00 Pregnancy tracker
PROCYONX          04/01/04 Astronomy suite
PROCYONR          04/01/04 Astronomy suite (Revo version)
PROCYON7          04/01/04 Astronomy suite (Series 7 version)
PROS5             17/11/99 SMS/utility tool for IRDA cell phones (Series 5 'classic')
PSIDAT            13/06/03 Comprehensive application to edit OPL and other databases and to act as a general Data import/export tool/converter (EPOC and WINS versions)
PSILOG            22/08/01 Timer utility for broadcasters - enables accurate logging of events
PSIMIND           02/09/02 Mind-mapping tool (5/5mx)
PSIMINDREVO       02/09/02 Mind-mapping tool (Revo version)
PX                22/08/01 ProjXpert assistant for managing large projects (appointments, to-dos, contacts, for each project), and colour S7 versions of graphics
QCALC             30/05/00 Graphical symbolic calculator
QCITE             22/08/01 Medical reference utility
QUICKPEN          31/08/99 QuickProject (english)
QUICKPFR          31/08/99 QuickProject (french)
QUICKPDE          21/05/99 QuickProject (german)
QUICKPCZ          21/05/99 QuickProject (czech)
QUICKPDA          21/05/99 QuickProject (danish)
QUIKLIST          22/01/00 List maker/manager
QUIZ5             18/07/98 Self-test quiz utility
QUOTEON           21/01/00 Displays quote of the day on turn-on
REG               09/07/98 Green Pages UK database
REVISER           20/07/98 Self-testing database quiz system
REVOOCEAN         29/02/00 Tide and Ocean prediction software
RMRBIO            02/09/02 Biorhythm calculator
RMRDIET2          11/08/99 Diet tracker
RMRFTP            09/09/00 FTP client
RMRLIST           20/01/00 List Manager
RMRNEWS           22/11/99 Usenet newsgroup reader
RMRSHOP           27/06/00 Shopping List Manager
RMRTABLE          16/11/00 Timetabling application (trains/buses/etc)
RMRTASK           22/08/01 Task/To-Do manager (multi-lingual version)
RMRTESTER         30/05/00 Revision aid
RMRTV             16/11/00 TV schedule manager
RPNBABY           22/11/99 Reverse Polish Calculator (small edition)
RPNCALC           22/11/99 Reverse Polish Calculator (full edition)
S5BIBLE           17/09/97 The World English New Testament in Series 5 Word format
S5DIVE            15/11/99 Dive manager/log
S5TIPS            06/08/99 Database of useful Series 5 tips and tricks
S5XTM111          20/01/00 IBM PC 'XT' emulator (copy of DOS not included)
S7XTM111          20/01/00 IBM PC 'XT' emulator (copy of DOS not included) (Series 7 colour version)
SAFEPLACE         20/01/00 Customised password protected version of DATA (aka DataSafe)
SAILLOG           22/07/03 Keep track of your sailing activities
SCUBAUK           23/04/01 Diver's calculator and logbook
SCUBAUKREVO       23/04/01 Diver's calculator and logbook (Revo-only version)
SEAPAD            02/09/02 Nautical logbook for sailors
SHEET2SQL         22/08/01 Sheet-integration tool for constructing SQL queries
SHOPCL2A          08/03/99 Intelligent shopping-list utility
SLOG              22/08/01 Logbook for surgical trainees
SMALLBASE         02/09/02 The comprehensive SmallBase database management system (versions for Series 5 Classic, for ER5 palmtops and for WINS 'emulator')
SOLUN             22/08/01 Astronomy database and utilities
STAMP             09/09/00 Stamp Collection manager
STAT10            20/12/97 Statistics analysis tool
STD-24            03/03/98 UK STD code database
SWAPH             12/11/99 Song Writer's And Poet's Handbook
SYNDMAN           16/09/98 Lottery syndicate manager
TASKNOTE          20/03/03 Alternative to-do/task manager
TEMPLATES         02/09/02 Example EPOC document templates
TESTME            25/01/05 Revision/learning testing aid
TICKLE            16/11/00 List-making/ticking off aid
TIMELOG           12/11/99 Time and task logger
TOMERAIDER        09/11/04 The famous compressed document viewer. See www.tomeraider.com for documents!
TPLAN11           09/02/98 Time and Task planner/scheduler
TRAINER           12/11/99 Vocabulary trainer (English and German versions)
TRIVOPAEDIA       20/03/03 Filofax-style trivia database/encyclopaedia
TTRACK            31/08/99 Time tracker utility
TUNEPAL           02/09/02 'ABC' format music player
UKDIR26           09/04/99 UK Pocket Directory (large database of useful UK contacts)
VACTRAC5          27/09/00 Vacation Tracker leave management system
VIDEO             09/09/00 Video collection organiser
VINS_S5           29/02/00 French language wine database
VOCABTUTOR        18/10/01 Self-test vocabulary aid
VREADER           20/01/00 Compressed text file reader
VRULE             16/11/00 Virtual ruler on your palmtop screen
WEBGRABBER        22/11/99 Collects web sites for offline viewing
WINE              09/09/00 Personal Wine Manager
WORLDTIME         27/07/00 World Time clocks

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where... Note also that some programs use the Windows 95/Mac/Series 5 'long' filenames...

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