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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer or PsiMac to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "Properties" command to remove this attribute.

Programming-related items
AFRAME10    05/09/98 OPL/32 framework for application building
AGENDA2     30/05/99 Enhanced Agenda OPX allowing full access
ALLOPX2     07/09/98 All RMR Software's OPXes, with WINS and MARM builds
APPINFO     23/06/99 OPX and information on building application-interrogating into your programs
ASCII       15/09/97 Ascii character viewer
BASECONV    16/11/00 Base Converter (bin/hex/oct)
BASECONV7   16/11/00 Base Converter (bin/hex/oct) (Series 7 version)
BMR10       14/08/99 Windows shell for BMCONV utility
CHARMAP5    16/02/98 Character map & copier
CLIPBOARD            Clipboard access
CLIPBOARD_V1 31/08/99 Clipboard access (again)
CLIPBORD    18/02/98 OPL module for clipboard access
CLIPTEXT    08/02/98 Clipboard access OPX
CNVOPL32    16/02/98 OPL/32 to text converter
CODEVAULT   16/11/00 Anti-revtran OPL utility
COLOURMIX   29/02/00 Colour-picking utility
CONVDBF     06/06/98 OPL/16 database to Delimited conversion tool for DATA/32 import
DCHOICEX    07/08/97 Example code to present very long lists
DECOMPILE   24/10/98 Plug-in for Hexeditor
DLCTRLS     09/07/98 DL List box controls
DRAG        14/03/98 Example code to handle pen-dragging
EIKONWIZARD 09/06/99 Wizard for Visual C++ to start off app development
FILEDUMP    14/03/98 Hexadecimal editor
FLCALC5     29/02/00 Programmer's calculator
FLEXHTML    23/04/01 Flex HTML - write to HTML files from your applications
FV_102      03/03/98 FontView font aid
GBCONV      28/09/98 OPL Module to do UK grid/lat/long conversions
GETPATH     22/04/98 Copies file path to clipboard
GPRINTER    14/03/98 Vector graphics printing kit
HELP        07/08/97 Example code showing how to implement a help system
HELPEDIT    03/03/98 More help example code
HEXC102     18/07/98 Programmers hex calculator
HEXED099    16/02/98 Hexadecimal file editor
HEXEDITOR   09/09/00 Hex editor
HEXVIEW     16/08/97 Hex viewer utility
HEXVIEW1    18/07/98 Another hex viewer utility
HUGS        14/08/99 Mini Prolog item for use with HUGS system
IRTRANP     14/06/03 Loadable OPM module to enable IrTran reception from cameras
JCOMPILE    11/11/03 Basic Java compiler for all Psion palmtops
JE5         12/11/99 Java-based java editor
LISTBOX1    09/07/98 Another OPL/32 Listbox routine
MAKEPKG     16/11/00 MakeSIS .PKG file creator
MBMFMT      28/11/97 MBM graphics format information
MENUWIZ     22/04/98 Menu card generator sheet
MULTI       16/02/98 More example code for dEDITMULTI
MYOPMS      21/12/03 Loadable progress meter for your OPL application, plus a lot more OPL modules
NCALC10     07/08/97 Programmers hex/decimal/binary calculator
NDIRNAV     22/11/99 Build your own directory navigation tool
NEDIT       28/06/00 Edit Box toolkit
NLISTBOX    22/11/99 ListBox OPX
NMPD        28/06/00 Multi-Page Dialog kit
NOPLPLUS    30/05/00 OPL+ professional development environment
NOPLPLUSWR  30/05/00 OPL+ development environment (EPOC Emulator Release version)
NOREVPLUS   16/11/03 Anti-revtran package
NRSCUTIL-MONO 16/11/00 Resource file editor and compiler for EPOC (monochrome version)
NRSCUTIL-COLOUR 16/11/00 Resource file editor and compiler for EPOC (colour version)
NSCROLLBAR  30/05/00 Scrollbar functionality for OPL
NSISUTIL    16/11/00 Create SIS files on the palmtop itself
OPLCOLOUR   02/09/02 COlour palette aid for Series 7 development work
OPLCONST    07/08/97 Database of OPL/32 KConstants
OPLDB1      30/03/98 OPL/32 OPX for extra database access
OPLDOCS     14/06/03 Documentation in Data form for all the main OPX extensions
OPLEDIT     02/09/02 OPL code for a text editor window
OPLERROR    21/12/03 Utility to show error codes, constants and other useful info
OPLTXT03    31/12/97 DOS command line OPL/32 to Ascii converter
OPLX32      17/12/97 Complete OPL/32 manual, inlcuding OPX syntax etc.
PALETTE     27/06/00 The S7/netBook colour palette
PASSPROTECT 07/02/01 Routine to add password protection to an OPL program
PERCENT_v20 16/09/98 Routine to show pretty percentage progress
PERL_12     22/11/99 Implementation of Perl language for EPOC
PLUGPROTECT 16/11/00 Plug-in anti-revtran protection
POPUP       22/11/99 Scrollable popup choice list
PPC         05/03/05 The classic programming textbook, from EMCC "Programming Psion Computers"
RMREVENT    07/02/02 Example code for event-driven OPL/32 application
RMRRCG      07/02/01 Resource Code Generator (for making international program versions)
RSC_CREATOR 22/09/98 Simple RSC-making tool
RSC_SPECIAL 22/09/98 Add-on for RSC-creator
RSCTOOLS2   05/12/98 RSC editor, compiler and decompiler
RVTRN62     09/04/99 Reverse Translator for non-protected OPL apps
S5OPLREF    07/08/97 OPL/32 command database
SAFEOPL     21/01/00 Anti-reverse-translation utility
SCRAMBLEOPL 21/01/00 Code obfuscator, helps stop hackers
SCROLLB     25/01/98 Scrollbar example code
SDK010EN    03/08/98 Software Development Kit for Solitaire Deluxe games system
SERIAL      16/09/98 Example code to handle the serial port and pen events
SYSRAM1_OPX_WINS 10/08/98 Emulator-compiled version of SYSRAM1 module
SYSRAM1     29/10/97 Details of extra OPL/32 system calls!
T3DTEST     14/08/99 Demo of new 3D graphics system
TEDITOR     16/02/98 Text editing routines for building into a program
TIPS32      21/05/99 Windows-like tips system, suitable for fitting to OPL apps
TIPS32OPM   21/05/99 Modules from TIPS32 above
TOPLESS0_5B 27/08/98 OPL/32 to pseudo-code translator and protector
VBASE101    18/12/98 OPL/32 database engine example
VWIN04      08/03/99 Virtual windows and scrollbars module
WINSIS11    06/01/99 Windows front end for MAKESIS utility

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where... Note also that some programs use the Windows 95/Mac/Series 5 'long' filenames...

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