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The text list below shows what's available in the folder on the CD in this category. Note that where games don't work perfectly on the small-screened Revo range or the large-screened Series 7/netBook, there are seperate categories on this CD for games designed for the different screen sizes.

Minimise this browser window when ready and then use PsiWin/Explorer or PsiMac to browse the folder structure of the CD and copy the program files onto your palmtop. Note that Windows may set all files taken from this CD to 'read-only'. If this causes a problem for you or for a particular program, just use the "Properties" command to remove this attribute.

Games, Novelties & Leisure
5LOSTIN3D       29/02/00 Labyrinth-style game
5MAST100        24/08/97 Mastermind game
5OUTHPARK       12/11/99 South Park novelties
AAAHH221        17/12/97 Tile shuffling puzzle
ADDER           29/02/00 Snake arcade game
ADVENT4D        05/10/98 Adventures in 4 dimensions!
ASTEROIDS       24/05/00 Arcade game, with rotating spaceship and lots of rocks!
ASTROCKS        22/11/99 Asteroids-derived game for S5 classic
ATOMIC14        14/03/98 Tetris arcade game
AWELEENG        16/09/98 Awele strategy game
BACKGAMMON      02/06/05 Backgammon, superb freeware release, with Series 7 colour plug-in as well
BALLOON         20/01/00 Jumping balloon game
BEATTHIS        28/01/99 Simple memory game
BJ5V101         04/12/98 Blackjack for up to 6 players against the computer
BLOBS           09/09/00 Tetris-like arcade game 
BREAKOUT        29/10/97 Arcade game
BROKER          24/02/04 (Actionnaire) stocks and shares trading game
CASTLEIII       27/09/00 Graphical adventure game 
CATERPILLAR     12/11/99 'Ever-growing snake' game
CHAINREACTION   20/01/00 Chain Reaction strategy game
CHECKERS        02/06/05 Checkers/Draughts, superb freeware release, with Series 7 colour plug-in as well
CHESS           02/06/05 Chess, superb freeware release
CHINESECHESS    02/06/05 Chinese Chess, superb freeware release
CLMN_100        02/05/98 Columns game
CLOCKP          09/06/99 Clock patience
CLUELESS        26/03/99 Crossword puzzle system
CNQUK134        08/03/99 Conquete 'RISK' clone
COFFEE          27/07/00 Card solitaire
CONNECT         30/07/97 Connect4/Reversi variant game
CONQFR13        08/03/99 Conquete 'RISK' clone (french version)
CRAZYLEO        16/11/00 Crazy Leo stock trading game
CRICKETSTATS    12/01/99 Cricket-scoring/stats system
CWORD           18/10/01 Crossword system
DARKHORIZON     24/05/00 Space strategy game
DEVENDER        15/11/99 DeVender arcade classic, plus extra set of authentic arcade sounds
DEMOLITION      31/05/99 Breakout clone
DICE5           27/02/03 Good Yahtzee clone
ENBOGGLE        16/05/98 Boggle word game
ENFINALITY      27/07/98 Simple box-removing game
ENIGMA          02/06/05 Enigma, a superb freeware Mastermind clone
EPOCBABY        09/08/99 Dancing baby animation
FC5             19/07/98 FreeCell card solitaire
FINALITY        07/02/01 Logic game
FOURINALINE     02/06/05 Superb Four-in-a-line freeware release, with Series 7 colour plug-ins
FRACT5          14/08/99 Fractal generator
FRED            30/05/99 Virtual pet novelty
FROTZS5         20/01/00 Infocom adventure player
FRUIT-MX        15/10/99 Slot machine game (S5mx version)
FRUIT-S5        15/10/99 Slot machine game (Series 5 version)
GAMEINF5        27/07/98 Game cheats and codes database
GEMTILE         15/11/99 Tile-swapping strategy game
GENETIC         18/12/98 Experiment with genetic algorithms!
GOBY            09/09/00 GameBoy emulator
GOLFA501        09/04/99 Golfer's Assistant
GOLFCADDY5      09/11/98 Golfer's utilities
GOLFC505        10/04/99 GolfCard golfer's scoring package(demo)
GOLF5           14/03/98 Golf card solitaire
GOMOKU          02/06/05 Superb Go-Moku freeware release, with Series 7 colour plug-ins
HANGMAN         08/04/98 Hangman
HARAN           20/01/00 Samurai-based Japanese business simulation
HOMERUN         02/06/05 Superb HomeRun (patience) freeware release
ICHING          21/05/99 Consult the I Ching
IMPERIUMSIS     08/03/99 Imperium 'Command and Conquer' clone
INFORM          20/01/00 Inform Infocom game compiler
INVASION        02/10/04 Invasion strategy game, comes with free registration code
INVADERS        23/06/99 Space Invaders
JSLOGIX         02/09/02 Configurable Mastermind variant
JUGGLINGSIM     10/10/03 Juggling simulator!
JUMPY!P5        31/08/99 Jumpy 'Plus' platform game
KLX5_100        02/05/98 Klax arcade puzzle game
KNIGHTSSW       28/01/99 Knights game - puzzle based on chess knight moves
KNOCKOUTWHIST   14/06/03 Knockout Whist card game ('trumps')
L5V210          14/08/99 Lotto5 lottery manager
LBOX10          27/07/98 LightBox: Fast puzzle game
LIQUID          14/03/98 Flashy novelty screen-saver
LOGJAM          30/05/99 Clock Patience game
MAGES           10/12/03 Battle of the Mages game. Strategy, D&D, etc.
MAHJONGG        07/02/01 The famous tile-collecting game
MANCALA         21/01/00 Logic game
MASTERMIND      09/11/04 Mastermind, the logic game
MATCHPIX        20/03/03 MatchPix memory game
MATIENCE        27/07/00 Mah-Jong tile patience
M_MIND5         20/06/98 MasterMind
MILLESBOURNES   08/01/99 Milles Bournes strategy game
MED099B2        05/12/98 Medic level designer for many popular games
MIS5DEF         31/05/99 Mis5ile Defense arcade game
MEMORY5         28/10/97 Memory game
MONDOPONDOER3   06/04/01 Mondo Pondo multi-player quiz game (Series 5 'classic' version)
MONDOPONDOER5   06/04/01 Mondo Pondo multi-player quiz game (ER5 version)
MOSAIC          22/11/99 Tile-sliding game
MOT100EN        16/08/98 Montana plug-in for Solitaire Deluxe
MRMATT          24/02/04 Boulder-heaving strategy game
MXASTROCKS      22/11/99 Asteroids-derived game for Series 5mx
NETHACK         13/06/03 NetHack text-mode game (large)
NEUROMAX        07/02/01 Simple logic game based on maths operators
NOMANSLAND      14/04/05 No Man's Land strategy game
OANDX50         30/05/99 Noughts and Crosses
OEDIPUS10       27/07/98 Crossword player
ONYXL           14/08/99 Strategy and adventure game
ORANGUTAN100    08/03/99 Novelty Great Ape that appears occasionally
OTHELOV2        14/08/99 Othello strategy game
PACMAN          09/09/00 The famous arcade game 
PAPILLONS5      05/12/98 Logical word game
PEBBLES         12/08/03 Pebbles, a 'hop over' solitaire strategy game
PENGORO         22/04/98 Pengo Ro Arcade game
PE_PP100        10/10/98 Psimple Psimon memory game
PE_RF105        10/10/98 RockFall strategy game
PGBALLS         07/02/01 pgBalls game demo
PGG             14/08/99 Project Galactic Guide (humourous reference work)
PGLINES         07/02/01 pgLines game demo
PIPE5           08/04/98 Slow Pipemania clone
PIPEHISI        06/01/99 Excellent Pipemania puzzle clone
PKTCHESS        29/02/00 Pocket Chess
POKER4D5        21/10/97 Ultimate Poker
POKER99         11/08/99 Poker-based card solitaire
PONTOON         30/05/99 The card game!
P-PLUS-BRIDGE   25/08/98 Bridge demo
PSADDLE         22/08/01 Numbers strategy game
PSIBALL         04/06/01 Ball-based arcade and strategy original
PSIBIO          14/08/99 Biorhythms calculator (3 languages) 
PSIBLOCKS       28/06/00 Tetris variant on steroids
PSICARDS        27/09/00 Ultimate EPOC card game suite
PSIFRAC         22/11/99 Fractal generator
PSITRIS         15/11/99 PsiTris game
PSMD5           05/12/98 PsiSoccer Manager 5-match demo
PUZZLE          14/03/98 Super Puzzle Engine (2 player Tetris)
PYRAMID         21/01/00 Pyramid card solitaire
QUAD            27/09/00 Marble strategy game
QUAKE           10/08/98 Novel earthquake-measurer!
RACEFORM        26/03/99 Race Form cracker- gambler's aid
RALLY           09/09/00 Top-down rally racing game
REBOUND         22/08/01 Original arcade/strategy mix, control a dipping line as it rebounds around
RMRBOXX         02/09/02 RMR Boxx crate-shoving game
RMRFRUIT20      10/08/99 RMR Fruit machine
RMRGOLF         30/05/00 Golf solitaire
RMRMONTANA      30/05/00 Montana solitaire
RMRREVERSE      27/07/00 Reversi
RMRREVERTRIS    27/09/00 Tile-placing strategy game based on Tetris tiles 
RMRSNAKE        27/07/00 Snake game clone
RMRSOL          30/05/00 'Proper' solitaire
RMRXWORD        30/05/00 Crossword playing suite
ROLLER          05/12/98 Comprehensive dice rolling system
RPGDICE         31/05/99 Dice-roller for strategy games
S5-DINO         09/07/98 DinoZone strategy game
S5-BJACK        27/06/00 Black Jack game
S5-LEM          27/06/00 Lunar Entry Module
S5-LIGHT        27/07/00 Light Cycles
S5-PJONG        02/09/02 Psi-Jong tile-matching game
S5-RD-10                 RoboDungeon game
S5-REVER        23/10/98 Reversi
S5-SH-11                 Shanghai game
S5-TRIX         28/06/00 TileTrix game
S5-WAR          27/07/00 War strategy game
S5CONNEC                 Connect 4 game
S5DIA           02/01/98 Diamonds arcade adventure
S5DUN1-1        24/08/97 Dungeons/Doom style adventure
S5GOLFPRO       02/09/02 Golf-Pro (5/5mx version)
S5HEAR11        02/10/97 Hearts solitaire game
S5POKER1        28/07/97 Video Poker freeware game
SAMEGAME        24/02/04 Ball-removing logic game, now including colour Series 7 support
SCANNONS        11/03/99 Scorched cannons artillery game
SENET           07/01/04 The ancient Egyptian game
SGO100EN        14/03/98 Golf solitaire for the Solitaire Deluxe game engine
SHB100EN        16/08/98 Swimsuit backdrops for Solitaire Deluxe
SIMON           22/11/99 'Simon' memory game
SKIRUNB1        08/01/99 Ski Run
SLATED          22/08/01 Sliding tile puzzle
SMUGGERS        06/12/02 Maze arcade game
SNAKE           26/10/98 The snake's back!
SOLIT           10/04/98 Simple solitaire
SOLITAIREDX     29/02/00 Solitaire Deluxe cardplaying system
SPACE_EXODUS    22/11/99 Space themed puzzle
SPECGAM         07/09/97 A selection of games from the internet for the Z80 Spectrum emulator
SPECGAMES2      25/05/98 More games from the internet for the Z80 Spectrum emulator
SPLITTER        22/08/01 Counter-dropping strategy game
SPY100EN        14/03/98 Pyramids solitaire for the Solitaire Deluxe game engine
SS103           16/02/98 SeaStrike battleships game
STARDATE        27/07/00 Space trading game
STB5V10         01/07/97 STB freeware dice game
STEREOVU_S5     28/01/99 Stereogram (3D) viewer
STRIFE          02/09/02 Multi-scenario turn-based strategy game
STRIPPOKER      04/06/01 Strip Poker(!)
SUCC-V11        11/03/99 Dice-rolling game aid
TARGET          05/08/99 Gun-shooting game
TDDOMLINK       12/12/00 Dominoes, the EPOC way
TDFIVE          12/12/00 Five in a row
TDOXO3D         07/02/01 Noughts and Crosses in 3 dimensions
TDREVERSI       12/12/00 Reversi, the classic game
TERRACE         30/05/99 Klondike-like card patience
TERRAFORCE      06/04/03 Doom-style 3D blaster, with tanks!
TILEFALL        30/05/00 Tile-Fall strategy game
VEXED           23/04/01 Huge puzzle game
VPOKER          28/11/97 Demo version of shareware Video Poker
WALL            06/12/02 Good Breakout arcade clone
WENT            21/01/00 "Go" implementation
WIAT            10/12/03 War In Ancient Times strategy game - includes Hannibal expansion pack and upgrade
WIDGETLEISURE   25/01/05 Full version of the Widget games compendium (includes excellent slot machine) - also includes Revo version
WORDBOX         19/08/98 Boggle clone (word game)
WORM101         26/10/98 Snake clone - this time it's worms and leaves!
WREELS14        03/03/98 Wild Reels fruit machine
YACHT           02/06/05 Superb Yahtzee freeware release
YATZEE          17/09/97 Yahtzee dice game
YOYO            12/11/99 Yo-yo reference!
Z80             22/11/99 Spectrum emulator, run all those old games!
ZHEROES         18/10/01 Terrain-based RPG
ZORK1           20/10/97 Adventure game for Frotz Infocom player
ZORK2           16/02/98 Sequel to Zork game for Frotz Infocom player

Note: some program authors included folder information within their ZIP files, we've used this where available for your extra convenience in working out which file goes where... Note also that some programs use the Windows 95/Mac/Series 5 'long' filenames...

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