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The idea here is to help you find software that's free, of course, but it's more than a simple matter of keeping costs down.

As many of you will have found by now, most software for Symbian smartphones tends to be locked to a specific device IMEI code, which means that when your device breaks and gets replaced, you have to spend ages tracking down developers and begging replacement registration codes. There's no such problem with freeware, which can be copied around to your own (or others) units without worrying about codes or infringements.

Note that in addition to true freeware, I've also included shareware which is not IMEI-locked and which is completely uncrippled in its unregistered state (for example, many of my own programs fall into this category, as I don't believe in crippling shareware - people should register if they like the program, not because they've been bullied into it).

If you're a programmer and would like your freeware included here, please drop me a line. Table last updated Jan 2008.

Bemused Bluetooth control of your PC's music player Home page
EZoom Magnify part of your P800's display. Home page
jRC4 Encryption tool for confidential files. Home page
jText Text editor, with basic word processing tools and password protection. Home page
jZip Handle ZIP archives on your smartphone. Extract and create. Home page
Morse-It Create Morse sequences on your smartphone, using visuals and audio. Home page
OPL Fairly simple, yet powerful BASIC-like programming system. As featured on a decade of Psions! Home page
Orange Scribble Scribbling Instant Messaging client Home page
Passwords Keep passwords and PINs Home page
PixelTester Test your screen in different colours for dodgy pixels Home page
Satellite Current European satellite images Home page
Scientific Calculator As it sounds! Pretty comprehensive. Download
Screen Capture Grab screens for your manuals, web pages. Home page
Screenshot Another screen grabber, flexible options Home page
SIS Tool SE Examine contents of SIS installation files Download
SMan All purpose task and file manager, general tools. Home page
SMS Messenger Mobile Send texts via an Internet gateway Access page
TaskSpy Task manager, monitor your system, close running programs down, etc. Home page
Log time against different projects and customers, for later billing purposes [unrestricted shareware] Home page
Vito Theme Editor Runs on your PC, but lets you create your own P900 series themes, memory-permitting. Home page
Blackbox Logic game Home page
Brickout It's Breakout!! Home page
DynaMate Ball colour matching puzzle Home page
EChess Powerful chess engine and game system. Home page
EDoom 3D Engine for the classic Doom WAD files. Home page
Enigma It's Tetris, no it's Sokoban... no wait, it's something new Download
Full 18-hole golf simulation/game, play against computer opponents on randomly-generated holes [completely unrestricted shareware, distributed using the freeware method] Home page
FreeMines Minesweeper clone Home page
FrotzUIQ Interpreter for the Infocom text adventure games. Home page
Gem Drop X Match the gems as they drop Home page
Gridlock Harder-than-it-looks strategy game Download link
Jawbreaker Bejewelled match-the-discs game Home page
Nik Nak Patience Card solitaire. Home page
Plus Logic game Home page
Projection Logic game Home page
Reflex Light bouncing logic game Home page
ScummVM Adventure game emulator, see also the game home page at www.scummvm.org Home page
Shut The Box game for children and adults, complete with OPL source code, for you to copy or learn from Home page
Sudoku Number puzzle Home page
SudoX Number puzzle Download
Tickypip Addictive Network connection puzzler Home page
Transmute Logic game Home page
VectorOids Asteroids, as I live and breathe... Download
Vexed Brain-mangling classic puzzle game. Home page
Yahtzee The classic dice strategy game Home page
ZX81 Emulator Do you really want to play those old, old games? Thought not.... Download
General applications
Azure Blogging client Home page
Track your fitness with this pulse rate recovery timer [unrestricted shareware] Home page
Jabp Banking help, log your transactions and reconcile balances. Home page
jUIQdiz Language dictionary Home page
The classic Psion mapping system, ported to UIQ, with full GB town and road database, plus overlays [unrestricted shareware] Home page
Metro Tube route planner for all major world cities. Home page
MicroCalc Simple, J2ME-based spreadsheet Home page
Mobipocket Reader Ebook and general compressed hypertext reader. Lots of content to download and create. Home page
Mostacks Data manager (Hypercard) Home page
OggPlay The best music player for UIQ. Full CD-quality stereo from .ogg files, half the size of MP3. Home page
Opera The classic web browser, much more capable than UIQ's Internet. Home page
Quirc Internet Relay Chat client, get chatting via GPRS! Home page
ReadM Configurable and adaptable ebook and general file viewing system. Home page
Sabber A Jabber UIQ client Home page
Solun Your pocket planetarium! Home page
SymIRC Internet Relay Chat again, get chatting! Home page
TipicME Instant Messaging client Home page
Trivopaedia ebook-based hypertext encyclopaedia of useful and useless info Home page
Wireless18 Golf scorecard Home page