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Everything here (including videos and podcasts) runs on an absolute shoe-string (i.e. not a lot). If you can help keep the shows and the site going, you can make a difference by making a donation by PayPal, to use up some of your accumulated online virtual 'wealth', perhaps?

If you really like the site(s), the Phones Show videos/shorts, and/or the PSC podcast, and you want to make a small, regular appreciation donation without having to actually remember to do anything, then PayPal also offer an automated system that does just this, for your convenience. You can use the button below:

Thanks. Shout if this doesn't work and I'll fix it. I've set the amount at 4 pounds a month (about US$5), about the price of (buying me a virtual) small beer here in the UK - you can of course just cancel it at any time.

Or, for a one-off donation, please use PayPal.Me/stevelitchfield

Or, to donate entirely manually, go to PayPal, sending money to my registered email address of [email protected].

Or email me to get bank transfer details if that's easier for you?

Any amount is welcome. I guess it depends how helpful you've found my pages, software, podcasts, videos, and services - and how rich you are!

Thanks again,
Steve Litchfield

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