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The Psion Library CD

Go straight to the index files?

Note: Jan 2013. Still available.

3-Lib, the shareware library for Psion palmtops for the last ten years, was the definitive offline source of Psion-compatible software. Now that Psion-related web sites are starting to disappear (usually as authors move onto other platforms) from the Internet, the 3-Lib library remains a reliable source of software. The 3-Lib Psion CD is no longer being updated, as of July 2005, but you can still order copies (up to date as of June 2005).

On our CD is:

  • The entire 'off-line' 3-Lib shareware library. Every piece of publicly-available software for the Psion Series 3, 3a/c/mx, Siena, Series 5/mx, Revo and Series 7 that's ever been made is on the CD, labelled 'June 2005'. In all, there are around 3000 applications on the disk, totalling almost 600MB. There's no filler, no duplicate files, just hand-added content.
  • Here are the current index files for the various sections for you to browse around, so that you know what is and isn't included.
  • There's also a java-based search engine, so that you can search for anything specific whenever you like!
  • A special quick-start section - install over two dozen of the very top EPOC programs with no more than a single mouse-click!
  • Includes the ER5 'Psion emulator', runs under Windows XP onwards
  • The full 26MB+ distribution of PsiWin 2.3.3(English). Connect to all Psion palmtops, past and present. Also the millennium-compliant version of PsiWin 1.1 and RCOM, for Windows 3.1 and for Series 3 palmtops.

Do you want to buy the 3-Lib library CD now?

I can also supply the full EPOC SDK (a.k.a the Series 5mx/Series 7 emulator, for Windows), by arrangement. Drop me a line.