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Simon King

Simon King jamming with Dave Brock

The subject of Hawkwind generally has been covered in great detail elsewhere on the web, especially their albums and more famous personnel (Dave Brock, Lemmy, Nik Turner and of course Bob Calvert). One person who always seems to get overlooked, and who's had more influence on Hawkwind and their sound than anyone, apart from Mr.Brock himself, is Simon King, their 'power drummer'. Here's a video clip of Simon in action (1200k), in 1972.

It seems you either love or hate Simon King's drumming style. Music critics generally hate it as too loud, too flat or too boring. Others like me are excited by it like no other drummer before or since. The combination of fast (up to 250bpm in places!), rhythmic and yet organically sensitive drumming with long fills and rolls that span the kit and finish back on the beat is something that set up Hawkwind up throughout the 1970s.

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