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There are a huge number of well-known photos of Hawkwind, many available on the web. I've tried to post at least a few rarely seen before (though mainly those including Simon King) with comments where appropriate...

Please be patient waiting for the pictures to load - there are about 300K of JPGs here in all....!

SImon in 1972
Simon drumming, with signed comment from the man himself 8-)

Simon at the helm,
Simon King at the helm, 1972

Drumming in 1979
Caught on stage late in 1979, by Keith Kniveton

Hawkwind rehearsing - a
                          rare event!
Hawkwind rehearsing in 1973 - a rare event!

Circa 1976
From a 1976 magazine interview with Simon about the "Astounding Sounds" album

Simon in the early 70s
Two shots from the UK music press in the early 70s

Simon in Turbo
Simon King (left), in the short-lived 'Turbo', circa 1980(?)

On tour in 74
Simon King in March 1974, on tour in the USA

Reading festival 1977
Simon drumming at the Reading festival, 1977.

1979, with Dave Brock
Simon and Dave on stage in 1979.

Dave Brock in 1979
Dave Brock in archetypal pose on stage in 1979.

Relaxed band in 1979
                          publicity shot
Hawkwind, 1979: Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Brock, Huw Lloyd-Langton, Tim Blake and Simon King

Circa 1971Simon, circa 1973.