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If you want full details and discographies, see my (well Golden Void's) Hawkwind Timeline 1969-1997 or sites on my Links page! One day, I'll get round to revamping this section and producing a bigger tribute to the band that has influenced us all so much...

Here, however, is a brief rundown of (in my opinion) the very best albums they've created over the years. In approximate order of preference, and with a few very brief excerpts:

  1. Space Rock from London
    Superbly recorded (BBC?) session, from 1972. The band was having fun and the spontaneity is awesome. This one's very rare, but worth tracking down. Simon King-featured excerpts featured here: Born To Go (913k)
  2. Space Ritual
    Album covers
    - live double album from 1972 - quintessential Hawkwind at their best.
  3. Doremi Faso Latido
    Album covers
    - in the studio with crisp versions of some of the Space Ritual material.
  4. Hall of the Mountain Grill
    Album covers
    - classic tracks, still with the classic lineup.
    Simon King-featured excerpts featured here: Wind of change (426k)
  5. Quark, Strangeness and Charm
    Album covers
    - their first album after the vagaries of 'Astounding Sounds', and a good return to rocking and songwriting form.
  6. Warrior on the Edge of time
    Album covers
    - more classic tracks, plus Michael Moorcock narrations.
  7. Live 79
    Album covers
    - another live recording, with their heaviest feel of all. Also see the 'Complete 79' Voiceprint 'bootleg', which has lots of extra tracks, if not of quite the same hi-fi quality.

I'm sure there are others you'll discover, if you haven't already, including a huge number of bootlegs, compilations and other rarities. But the above should stand you in good stead.

If you own a Palm OS or compatible handheld, here are some iSilo hypertext databases covering web-gathered material on Hawkwind (mainly press articles and reviews):
(apologies to the copyright holders, but these Palm format files are here for my own backup as much as anything. See my Links page for the original documents and sites)