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Copyright issues

It's probably obvious that the sound clips and pictures on this site are not my copyright. This of course belongs with the people who (in the mists of time) wrote them, recorded them or took them.

I've tried to avoid conflicts with material that is still available though. The main point of putting this material online is to share very rare stuff that I've taken a long time to collect and which has on the whole been unavailable commercially for around two decades. Please download and enjoy!

Steve Swindells and Michael Moorcock have already given written permission for the clips from their "Fresh Blood" and "New Worlds Fair" albums respectively. Bob Calvert is of course, alas, dead, so I can't ask him. The very occasional snippets of Hawkwind tracks from official albums are deliberately limited to very brief (typically 30 seconds or so) excerpts and mainly feature drumming highlights. Dave (Brock) and Kris from Hawkwind Mission Control have linked to me since the very beginning of HW Mission Control, directly as a source of audio clips, so I take it they approve of what I've done as well. And Robbie Milne has given his approval for all the Opal Butterfly material... whew!

In no way do I want to prevent people from going out and buying albums - the purpose of this site is to share a little of the pleasure I get from listening to Hawkwind (and others), to inspire new fans and to encourage readers to build up their own collection in an informed way.