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Along with Huw Lloyd Langton (of Hawkwind) and Nic Potter (of Van der Graaf Generator), the trio (tentatively named 'Jawa') was highly thought of by Simon King himself as "the most interesting thing" he'd done outside of Hawkwind at the time.

They rehearsed some Huw-written songs in 1978/79, and I was sent a cassette tape of them circa 2000, by Huw's wife Marion, possibly. Anyway, the audio quality was very average, but I did what I could have now upsampled the material and used 2024 AI to split and remix it as far as was possible, bringing better clarity to vocals and instruments.

Anyway, I present the five tracks here for your enjoyment, all remastered/remixed in 2024, though bear in mind the age and quality of the source material when listening!:
  1. Rocky Paths
  2. Damn Shame
  3. Jealousy
  4. Heart of Stone
  5. Dark Dark Night
Jawa was hired as a session unit to back Steve Swindells (also in Hawkwind for a year) in his first album, Fresh Blood, which is highly recommended and available these days in remastered form.