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Finest Hawkwind moments from the 1970s

This page has been superceded by my Top 15 Favourite Hawkwind Tracks from the 1970s.

I've left the no. 1 pick below for interest's sake.


"A comment on the number 1 choice - it's probably representative of the thing most of us like Hawkwind's live sets for. To quote one person: "nothing beats that moment near the beginning of a live set when Hawkwind have taken the stage and make the transition from the electronics/intro to where the first song kicks in." In fact, multiply the same thing by half a dozen such intros throughout a gig and then add on the adrenaline caused by the heavy stuff itself....

[Now animated superbly!]

Anyway, on with the countdown, in strict order, and starting with the big number one!

  1. Born To Go (from various sources, but most notably "Space Rock from London" and "Space Ritual"), especially the marvellously drawn out synth tone intro (on the Space Ritual version only) and Brock's opening riffing and the way drums and bass kick in. Now available in video form (almost!)"