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Simon King - The Legend

At least, according to the early Hawkwind manuscripts(!), by Bob Calvert:

...The Hawklords stopped when they heard it. A high barking sound. They listened. It came from the air above them. They looked up and there it was, hovering above the trees. A winged hound. "Look, it's got something in its mouth". "What is it?" "Shush!"

They listened with clenched breath. Vaguely far off in the distance, a sound of dancing trees, of stamping woods, a storm of metal branches, a cloven-hoofed machine of perpetual motion. They headed towards the sound and presently came to a small clearing where, sat in the centre of a maze of wood and metal machinery, was an Elfin stick beater, the tallest they had ever seen. Taller than a man, with long straight hair and fine-boned features. The sticks twirled in his hands, concocting enough rhythm to quake the earth. Every now and then a stick would fly out of his hand high into the air, where the winged hound would catch it and in midflight, swivel and return it to the furiously beating feet.

Failing to attract the attention of the bowed moving head, Dave Brock switched off the machine, whereupon the Elf looked up and smiled. "Hello", he said, "I believe you were looking for me".

"We would be glad to have you aboard".

They all agreed with nods of heads and shufflings of feet.

"What's yer name?" said Del. "Simon King, and can I bring my dog?" "Sure", they all replied as one.

And so the seven of them slouched to their vehicle of whirling blue, and blasted off.

And, from the back of Doremi Fasol Latido, here's the focus:

Blood greetings O brother, from our great Space Mother. The Saga of Doremi Fasol Latido is a collection of ritualistic space chants, battle hymns, and stellar songs of praise as used by the family clan of Hawkwind on their epic journey to the fabled land of Thorasin. The saga tells of how, back in Mentet 1972, during the terrible age of the machine logic god, Eye See Eye, the lords of the Hawk having fought a desperate but losing guerilla battle against the Bad Vibe squads for several years. called together all their musicnauts, heavy metal kids, thanes, witch sorceresses, groupies, and tributed allies for a final stand. At this famous meeting (the glorious 27th) in the wooded grove of Ladbroke, the assembled forces swore unswerving fealty to the Hawklords fight against the tyranny of the corrupt forces for law and evil. But their situation was hopeless. Surrounded and outnumbered, it will be remembered how the circle of elders, realising the clan's situation ordered a great magic ceremony of the Ilbrahim where they called for volunteers to make one last desperate bid and seek help externally from the legendary world of Thorasin. This legend spoke of a place of wisdom and peace but it was beyond the astral seas where few men, if any, had travelled. Up stepped brave Baron Brock (vocals, lead guitar, 12 string guitar), Captain Nik (vocals, sax, and flute) and Lemmy the Lurch (vocals, bass and 6 string guitar) Up stepped Dik and Mik (generators and hot electronics) the dwarf leader, Del (synthesiser) and the hound master Simon (drums). And those loyal followers who pledged their word that grim day were the one legged Graham and the faithful men at arms Bob, Steve, and Dave the Mix. Trusted swordsmen Higgy and John the Bog. Up stood Liquid Len and the Lensmen with Alan, Dave, Mike and John. And from the exotic jungles of Actonium came Doug, the fair Jilly, Paul, Auntie Dunkley, Barney, Film and Geraldo. And from the distant shingled worlds came Captain Calvert and his strapping cohort Stacia. They swore to go renegade and that night at the height of the full moon, the merry band emerged for the last time from their feudal forest, and braving fate set course in their silver ships into the unknown. Remember, O reader, that this was in the days before space guild supremacy, space highways have now become legendary and quite rightly, found a way into all incubation halls, hydroponic gardens and even culto/psychic galleries, but never before has the complete saga been published as a unit. The sound scope was made at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales under the master supervision of Brothers Kinsley, Pat and Ralph, and produced by Hawkwind. Thank you Anton of Olympic. The language remains in its native Terran.

Finally.... The Michael Butterworth novel Time of the Hawklords has the Hawklords as its main protagonists. Here is a list of all songs mentioned by name in the book. The Space Ritual album is also referred as a whole.

  • Book 1 - Rocking on the Edge of Time
    • Welcome to the Future (vocals by Lemmy)
    • Psychedelic Warlords
    • Winds of Change
    • Assault & Battery
    • Silver Machine
    • Brainstorm (from Doremi Fasol Latido)
    • Lord of Light (from Doremi Fasol Latido)
    • Opa Loka
    • Spiral Galaxy 28948
    • The Golden Void
    • Goat Willow
  • Book 2 - The Time of the Hawklords
    • Lord of Light
    • Master of the Universe
    • Time We Left This World Today
    • Kings Of Speed
  • Book 3 - The Battle for Earth
    • Orgone Accumulator
    • Shouldn't Do That
    • Lord of Light
    • Magnu