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SL + guitarOver the years, I've written a number of songs - none are (doubtless) earth-shatteringly good, but each has a story behind it and hopefully you'll enjoy listening to them. The songs are entirely incidental to the other content on my domain, but I did feel they deserved a place online, a home of their own.

In each case, I've denoted the other musicians helping out by their initials - see below for an index.

The songs are all copyrighted, but you're welcome to download them, use them, enjoy them (hopefully), but do please link back here or credit me in some way...

[Song list to be added to. This area under construction...]

Stay with me.mp3 - Lyrics - [studio, SL, SW, RB, CB] 2:56

One of the first songs I ever wrote, back in 1984, and quite simple as a result, this is a Shed Music-recorded version from two decades on. A love song, obviously. Dedicated to my wife, slightly retrospectively!

Storm.mp3 - [studio, SL] 2:45

A two part instrumental, created messing around (in about 1996) with my Portastudio, a keyboard and my guitar, this later became the theme tune of my Phones Show for a while... 8-)

Starplane/Aero.mp3 - [studio, SL, SW, CB, RB] 3:57

The Starplane bit was an instrumental framework that I came up with in 1982 for messing around with other musicians. Resuscitated here with Shed Music with some of my own lead guitar and another spacey instrumental spliced in. Rock on, etc!

Starplane.mp3 (vocal version, lyrics by SW) - Lyrics - [live, SL, SW, CB, RB] 4:07

An oddity here, this was the one and only time we ever put Starplane to lyrics, and we were playing 'as live' in rehearsal rooms. Simon had the words and we had a go at fitting them. It was an experiment! At the time, we rejected the idea and never revisited the concept, but in hindsight I'm rather fond of the mashup and it's here for interest's sake. Just forgive the clumsy vocal phrasing!

We've got time.mp3 - Lyrics - [studio, SL, SW, CW, CB, RB] 4:18

A love song, dedicated to all men and women who work (or whose partners) work long hours! My favourite song to play live with Shed Music, enhanced here by Carol's backing vocals. The guitar solos is clearly Neil Young-influenced and for that I make no apologies! 8-)

Work to do.mp3 - Lyrics - [demo, SL, SW, CB, RB] 4:08

A complex song about the increasingly chaotic state of the world, the apathetic attitude of young people and even the implied possibility of Divine intervention. This was recorded in the studio as a demo, but the vocals ended up unintentionally slightly double-tracked (through the drum mike!) and as a result, none of us were 100% happy with the recording. Still, it's here for your interest!

Set free.mp3 - Lyrics - [live, SL, SW, CW, CB, RB, JH] 2:55

Another slightly Neil Young-esque electric guitar rocker, the lyrics inspired by a dream. As with most things I recorded with Shed Music, the end result tended to be heavier and faster than I originally intended. Oh well. This recording was live in Bracknell's Cellar Bar at my last ever gig with the band. Imperfect, but you get the gist of the track!

Musician codes for the recordings (some studio, some 'live' at a gig):

SL - me! Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, keyboards, some engineering and mixing
SW - Simon Windisch, bass guitar, vocals and engineering/mixing
CB - Chris Bloomfield, drums
RB - Roger Bruton, keyboards
CW - Carol Wiggins, vocals
JH - John Howarth, rhythm guitar