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Stay with me.mp3 - [studio, SL, SW, RB, CB] 2:56

One of the first songs I ever wrote, back in 1984, and quite simple as a result, this is a Shed Music-recorded version from two decades on. A love song, obviously. Dedicated to my wife, slightly retrospectively!

CoupleWe're alone and you've shown the power of love within
The warmth of you within my arms, I touch your hair and I'm yours
Yours forever more, yours while the wind roars, just stay here with me

In your eyes, hypnotise, dark and wide
Two in kind, we both know that we should be
One, one forever more, one while the wind roars, just stay here with me

Now the years have passed away and the seeds have grown
I close my eyes, I try to see, I'm surrounded by your memory
Please take all my love, please take all my being, just stay here with me