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Shed Music stage!

Having already played guitar for twenty years or so in various Christian contexts, I hooked up with a fellow home dad, Simon Windisch, around 2004, just to 'mess around'. Things spiralled quickly and within a year we had twenty songs in a repertoire and Simon had recruited two of his friends, Chris Bloomfield and Roger Bruton, to join the band, dubbed 'Shed Music' by me because we a) couldn't think of a better name and b) rehearsed in Simon's rather capacious garden shed!

We played live, over the next five years, around a dozen times in various contexts (pubs - the 3Bs set up, above, parties, dedicated gigs), with Carol Wiggins joining us in the last year, with Neil McConnell often joining us for rehearsals and one of the gigs, and with John Howarth joining in for a few months at the end and for our last gig at Bracknell's Cellar Bar.

Due to other commitments - and also due to me having gone about as far as my technical abilities could take me, musically - I decided to step down in 2009, though the others carried on for another year or so, before also calling it a day to pursue other projects.

I have fond memories of almost all of the Shed Music years. Essentially, I was living out the typical middle aged man's dream of being a 'rock star' and, you know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong in that. I had fun, my playing improved (a bit), and it also gave me a whole new appreciation of messrs Gary Moore (RIP) and Joe Bonamassa, to name but two who have real talent for this sort of thing...!

To give you a flavour of Shed Music back in 2007/2008, here are a few videos [don't expect 1080p HD quality!]:

Musician codes for the recordings on these pages (some studio, some 'live' at a gig):

SL - me! Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, keyboards, some engineering and mixing
SW - Simon Windisch, bass guitar, vocals and engineering/mixing
CB - Chris Bloomfield, drums
RB - Roger Bruton, keyboards
CW - Carol Wiggins, vocals
JH - John Howarth, rhythm guitar