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Work to do.mp3 - [demo, SL, SW, CB, RB] 4:08

A complex song about the increasingly chaotic state of the world, the apathetic attitude of young people and even the implied possibility of Divine intervention. This was recorded in the studio as a demo, but the vocals ended up unintentionally slightly double-tracked (through the drum mike!) and as a result, none of us were 100% happy with the recording. Still, it's here for your interest!

EarthFrom pointless days to drunken nights
From starving children to bright city lights
Three worlds on the one sphere
Living in anger, living in fear
A chaos world
So many questions, so many scares
A chaos world
And if there�s a God
Then He�s got some work to do

So we've been here for millions of years
Thousands of people, thousands of tears
The planet's running on empty and so are we
There's no guarantee

Why can�t you see
there's more to do than wasting the days?
Why can�t you see
the world doesn't owe you a living?
Why don't you know
you've got to start thinking got to doing?