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Starplane.mp3 (vocal version, lyrics by SW) - [live, SL, SW, CB, RB] 4:07

An oddity here, this was the one and only time we ever put Starplane to lyrics, and we were playing 'as live' in rehearsal rooms. Simon had the words and we had a go at fitting them. It was an experiment! At the time, we rejected the idea and never revisited the concept, but in hindsight I'm rather fond of the mashup and it's here for interest's sake. Just forgive the clumsy vocal phrasing!

CornA boy walks alone
In a field of corn
His hope was all gone
When they came crashing down
They came down hard
They made a mark as big
As the field was wide
And they all died

A girl walks alone
Following a path inside
Thinking not of herself
But of a rising tide
She talks, but to no one
In that same field of corn
Follows the starplane that died
A thousand years 'fore she was born

The memory of that day
when a starplane came that way
wounded by a war
that she wasn't fighting for
her memory has faded now
but the starplane still lies underground
holding close for ever more
the shattered body of the boy