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We've got time.mp3 - [studio, SL, SW, CW, CB, RB] 4:18

A love song, dedicated to all men and women who work (or whose partners) work long hours! My favourite song to play live with Shed Music, enhanced here by Carol's backing vocals. The guitar solos are clearly Neil Young-influenced and for that I make no apologies! 8-)

Fireside relaxationHome from work and late again
Spinning head it's half past ten
But we've still got time
Let the waters ease your strain
Forget the cares, forget the pain
Cause we've still got time

Shut the door, shut out the world
Just let it go, let it go
Take a moment and make it slow
While there's breath, there is time..... there is time

At the speed of sound you're hard to stop
Take a break or you're gonna drop
And we've still got time
Speak to me and let me heal
hold me close and let me feel
That we've still got time