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What happened to...?

Over the years the 3-Lib site has been host to several features and information sets. In case you're wondering where an old page has gone...

Series 3 software reviews - these were now hosted on Ro Cutler's large 3 for all site but now seem to have disappeared.

Series 5 and EPOC reviews - these are now hosted on Jon Read's EPOC Zone, although not much seems to have been added to them since the transfer many years ago. Please note that much of the stuff I reviewed back then is now out of date!

NoNags freeware - I removed this as it was getting too out of date. There are now well over 1000 Series 3 and Series 5/5mx/EPOC freeware utilities and applications. Try EPOC Software if you fancy an online browse, or better still get our CD-ROM. There's loads of good Symbian freeware these days, by the way, so the tradition continues!

Siena program directory - many of my Siena program links were to reviews, long out of date. The page has thus been removed, but all the apps themselves (plus a lot more) are online on both Psion Siena Kingdom and Siena World, both excellent sites..

Old, old articles - the anecdotal articles I wrote back in 1996 and 1997 have been dropped completely. Most of them are very out of date now. If you're desperate to read them, you can probably do so on the Internet Wayback machine on web.archive.org.

French and German language sections - these were getting very out of date and with the excellent french and german Psion sites now online, I decided to remove my humble offering.

Classified Ads - this board was subject to abuse and has been withdrawn. Use eBay instead!!

Chat room - this is alive and well on its own dedicated web server. Go to www.epocchat.com now?