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Well, you clicked yourself here, so you must want to know a bit more about me!

Where do I start? I studied physics at Oxford til 1983 and worked in aerospace in a variety of computer-related roles until 1993, when I started getting interested in writing shareware programs for the Psion. One thing led to another, and I ended up starting the 3-Lib PD & shareware library, which has now grown to harbour over two thousand separate items, and which has seen many thousand customers use my services! I also wrote for Palmtop and then Palmtop User magazine, specialising in all things Symbian and performing various other duties around the PDA and smartphone world, not all visible to the uninitiated...

My main activities these days centre around the All About web sites (AAS and AAWP), plus running The Phones Show and writing occasionally for AndroidBeat and iPhoneHacks.

I've been very happily married since 1989 to Fiona, who's a teacher, and we  had Rachel just before the millennium

We're both Christians and, although neither of us is going to bash you over the head with a bible, you could follow this link to find out more ... Most people have some kind of dramatic incident they can point to which was significant in their lives, I think ours was a car accident in which our camper was hit by a Granada doing 90mph. Our vehicle was thrown in the air and we did a complete 360 degree barrel roll, landing right side up with no glass broken and not a scratch on either of us!! The drivers who stopped behind the accident were completely dumbfounded when we just opened up the van doors and strolled out to survey the write-off! You know the saying that 'someone up there was looking after you'? Well, that day, Someone certainly was.

I'm constantly amazed at this incredible world we live in, and awestruck at the thought of life after death, and the only way I can make sense of either is through faith in a eternal God and a way to somehow get close to Him through the existence of Jesus.

My hobbies, outside of computers, include music in all its shapes and forms, aviation, cars, motor-caravans, science fiction, cycling and most sports. Bit of a typical male of the species, really! Oh yes, plus (with my daughter) collecting Teddy Bears.

Do you want to see any of my favourite internet links?

I do have a personal 'Rants 'n' Raves' blog, though what you find there is totally eclectic!