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Cliff-top near Bournemouth
My original motorcaravan. A Canterbury Sunhome, one of the few that they did on a Bedford CF250 van. It had everything, from bathroom compartment to overcab bed (though this was always full of my worldly possessions - I slept on the dinette bed in the rear, which only took 30 seconds to make up each evening), hot water, space heating, all in a footprint not much larger than a standard car.

The original shower compartment was pretty cramped to shower in, so I had it replaced with a custom designed basin-based washroom, with slide-out toilet below. I lived in the Sunhome full time for several years and simply wore it out, eventually crawling to a halt at Dawsons Danbury factory, where it got swapped for.... see below!

Dawson's Danbury

Inside the DanburyDanny

A petite Dawson's Danbury conversion, one of the last they ever made before going out of business! Based on a Seat Terra, this was more of a day-trip van. The bed was only 4 feet wide when made up and it blocked the lower cupboards. Still, with running water and cooking facilities, it was a lot of motorcaravan in such a car-like form factor! We had Danbury make several tweaks to the prototype's design for us - we needed a single 'overcab' locker door and a Propex space heater, among other bits and pieces. Danny was very sadly written off in a car crash in 1990 and was badly missed!


A custom-converted Bedford Midi van with fixed roof. The L-shaped settee made up into a good size double, with access to nearly all facilities with bed made up. A great design, spoilt only by the lack of standing room.

Sold eventually because of (apparently insoluble) major carburettor problems - we simply got fed up with constantly taking it to pieces!


Island Plastics Romahome
One of a very popular model, the Island Plastics Citroen Romahome (shown here with my parents!). This featured the 'classic' Romahome layout (more photos here soon), but on a car-like base chassis with an economical diesel engine. A quite superb motorcaravan, we'd probably still have it today if we hadn't started a family. The Romahome is strictly for two!!


Swift Sundance Lifestyle 520
Complete with overcab bed for our daughter, the Swift Sundance was a pleasure to own. The Swift attention to detail and quality of workmanship throughout was stunning. Absolutely nothing ever went wrong or fell to bits. Highly recommended. We owned the model with centre dinette, a great layout with maximum interior living space for a family.