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This is your chance to post your own testimonial of how well a motorcaravan works for you. Automated guestbooks tend to get abused, so why not post here by emailing me up to 200 words. So far we have:

Jonathan Williams

These are a few pictures (click each to see full size) taken along my annual migration route, living full-time in a motorcaravan. I usually leave the South of France late September, and drift down to theTarifa area, taking about two months to do so. When the weather warms up, I go to Portugal, then around mid-May head back to France, and sometimes Italy. The whole plan is based on one requirement - staying warm. There are still some lovely spots to camp up along the Mediterranean coast, but also inland, especially around the reservoirs. I like being by water. One meets a lot of interesting people, the fact I speak several languages makes the pool larger, but camping folk are very friendly anyway. Personally, I can't think of another way of life that I would prefer.

Harry Worth, Durham
I own an early 1990s Murvi and, just as Steve does, I live my motorcaravan full-time. The problems of height barriers and overcrowding aren't much of a problem up here in the North of England and I'm rarely disturbed. My Murvi is my work base during the week, parked outside my workplace and my holiday home/transport at weekends - I have an extended family in Yorkshire and in Scotland. What a great life! I've had a few minor problems with cold and rain, but with regular maintenance, the accessories in the Murvi have rarely let me down!

Jerry and Rosa Springfield, Oxford
We have to confess to owning a small car as well, for generally running around, but our AutoSleeper Legend is really our mainstay. We're both semi-retired now and have plenty of time for striking out into the unknown. We keep the Legend fully stocked with canned food, toiletry supplies, water, primed toilet, bedding, clothes, maps and guides, etc., right throughout the year. Once we decide to go somewhere, it rarely takes more than half an hour before we set off. On site, the Legend is supremely comfortable. We did think about living in a motorcaravan at one stage, but we think we'd need something significantly larger and a few more open roads!