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The Height Fight

The bane of motorcaravanners, in the UK at least, I'm sure things are better in the USA and other more 'wide open' countries.

A few tips, some more obvious than others:

  • If you're still choosing a motorcaravan, go for a rising roof model and preferably a cloth-sided version rather than solid sided. So called 'low line' rising roof campers with cloth-sided rooves often come in at under 2.0m (6 feet 6") tall - solid sided rooved models are more typically 2.1 or 2.2m (7 feet plus), whereas a lot of height barriers, in UK towns at least, are set at 2.0m.
  • Write down the height of your vehicle exactly, in imperial and metric units, and put it on a sticker on your dashboard, to save panicking when approaching a barrier.
  • A good place to park up in a strange town is the designated 'lorry park' - all lorries are very high, so you won't have any problems either. And there will probably be provision for staying overnight, too.
  • Another good place to park up during the daytime is the car park of any big retail park. With many customers of these shops/parks arriving in motorcaravans and other biggish vehicles, there are rarely height barriers in place. Make sure you don't outstay your welcome though and leave before they close any entrance barriers at night.
  • Watch out for aerials and roof vents. Your van may be below a certain height, but these protruding items can add another foot at least.

The current recommended height barrier-beating motorcaravan? The Volkswagen California.

Why not email me with any comments, photos or real world stories about height barriers?