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Cliff-top near Bournemouth

Over the last twenty years, I've owned five different motorcaravans (motorhomes, campers, call them what you will!), of all shapes and sizes. More to the point, I even lived in one of them for two and a half years. This was in the UK, too, with rain, snow and (occasionally) sunshine. There's no substitute for experience and I've ended up with a lot of it!

Under the heading 'Living', you can read a complete account of my experiences living in a motorcaravan in the UK, originally published by MMM in 1990. In particular, note the comments about surviving in winter, about where to wild park ('wild camp') and about emptying and filling the various tanks.

The Gallery is a pictorial record of the motorcaravans I've owned, with brief comments on each, I illustrate the different Types of motorcaravan and comment on the Great Height Fight, while the Guestbook is where you can send in your own motorcaravan testimonials.

Finally, I'll search out a few interesting Links for you (though if you're looking to buy a van then the Google links at the bottom of each page should get you off to a good start).