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Updated January 2005

What this is: a semi-online way of tracking down obscure or no-longer-supported Psion and Symbian programs that you've heard of but haven't been able to track down on-line

What this isn't: a place where you can bombard me with requests for files that are already easily available on-line, thus wasting my time and yours(!), or a place to look for warez or pirated copies of current commercial software.

Procedure for tracking down program 'X'

  • Try to find it on the author's web site. You may already have his name or you may get the address for this given to you in one of the Psion/Symbian Usenet newsgroups (comp.sys.psion.misc is a good starting place). Either way, you'll be able to get update information and the latest copy of the program direct from the author and shouldn't need to involve me.
  • So, you've tried to find program 'X' on the web and have failed. No-one on Usenet can shed any light and you've no other clues to go on. The 3-Lib postal library that I run has a huge back-catalogue of Psion shareware and freeware and almost certainly contains what you're looking for - so why not get yourself a copy, or at least check out the indexes?
  • If all the above fail, there's still a good chance I can track down the program you're after. In some cases, I even have access to long forgotten/discontinued/unsupported commercial programs which obviously couldn't be included on the shareware CD above. Just mail me with as much information as you've got and I'll have a look for you.
  • Assuming I've tracked down program 'X' successfully, I'll then simply make it available directly here in my 'Lost and Found' bin below. At least then it'll be already on-line when someone else comes looking for the same program! Please note that these files are nothing whatsoever personally to do with me, I'm only the librarian! As a by-product of their obscurity, it's almost certain that these programs are no longer supported by their authors.... you have been warned!

Orphaned software is divided into sections for the Series 3 Classic - Series 3a/3c/3mx - Series 5/EPOC/Revo, plus Other and MC200/400/Word

The "Lost and Found" bin... (Series 5/EPOC/Revo)
Lost & found EPOC software is currently catered for within Martin Guthrie's PScience5 page. Please visit this instead for now!
The "Lost and Found" bin... (Other)
Found... 3base_uk.zip - a Windows utility that converts between SIBO (Series 3 range) databases and a variety of other database standards.
Found ... codetran.zip - DOS command line tool that's invaluable for fixing raw hexadecimal/character data inside data and other files
Found ... pc4.zip - Psion original DOS integrated suite, as also included in the Sinclair Z88?
The "Lost and Found" bin... (Psion MC200/400/Word)
Found ... mclink.zip - Original DOS Psion link software
Found ... mcmissil.zip - a Missile Command game
Found ... sheet108.zip - spreadsheet, forerunner of the Series 3 Sheet app.
Found ... mcword.zip - the system disk file image from the MC Word upgrade
The "Lost and Found" bin... (Series 3 Classic)
Found ... qalm140f.zip - Series 3 Quick Alarm utility
Found ... psioman.zip - Series 3 'little man' novelty
Found ... mclink.zip - Original DOS Psion link software
Found ... ml3.opl - S3 mileage logger
Found ... ngrll.opo - S3 national grid to lat/long convertor
Found ... sh3.zip - spreadsheet for the Series 3 Classic
The "Lost and Found" bin... (Series 3a/3c/3mx)
Found... xmate.zip - a crossword generator
Found... spaceventure.zip - a Series 3 game
Found ... dpswitch.zip - Series 3 task switching utility
Found ... psimail1996.zip - PsiMail Internet Suite - the official Internet software from Psion for the Series 3 range before it was canned back in 1998
Found ... qalm140f.zip - Series 3 Quick Alarm utility
Found ... Berlitz.zip - Berlitz Phrasebook for the Series 3 range
Found ... cdbase.zip - Series 3 CD database system
Found ... edge46.zip - Series 3 contact manager
Found ... spyder.zip - Series 3 hypertext and calculation engine
Found... palabra.zip - Series 3mx Word-based arcade game
Found... qtcs.zip - Series 3a/c advanced numerical analysis and mathematical routines
Found... cnvert12.zip - Series 3a/c conversion program
Found... etxtread.zip - Another S3a/c etext reader
Found... read23ab.zip - S3a/c etext reader and compressor
Found ... oplref.zip - OPL/16 command reference database
Found ... finder.zip - S3a/c Task-switching utility
Found ... s3atran.zip - SIBO PC OPL translator/preprocessor
Found ... cribbage.zip - 3a/3c cribbage game
Found ... chessr12.zip - 3a/3c chess move recorder
Found ... chessclk.zip - Series 3a/3c chess clock
Found ... cvtagn.zip - Converts 3a/3c agenda to Series 3 'classic'
Found ... ml3.opl - S3 mileage logger
Found ... ngrll.opo - S3 national grid to lat/long convertor
Found ... wave11r3.zip - 3a/3c sound processor
Found ... cmdp.zip - Siena/3a/3c command processor
Found ... drawit.zip - object-based drawing system for Series 3 range, with basic DTP frames
Found ... cmdpdoc.zip - Documentation for CMDP
Found ... batterys.zip - Siena battery checker
Found ... hexed.zip - Hex editor for Series 3
Found ... kodtoto.zip - File encryption for S3a/c
Found ... pason4e.zip - Intelligent password control for S3a/c
Found ... dbasecnv.zip - DOS S3 database to text utility
Found ... topix11d.zip - Outlining/object-based project tool
Found ... aka230.zip - DOS obfuscation and compression tool for OPL/16 programs
Found ... pcagenda.zip - Windows 95 utility to display and edit S3 agenda files
Found ... cmps10.zip - S3a/c solar compass
Found ... shooting.zip - S3a/c shooting game/rifle simulator
Found ... typeiifl.zip - Series 3 SSD driver for large disks
Found ... watchdog.zip - S3a/c novelty that barks when detecting a sound
Found ... oplexamp.zip - masses of assorted OPL/16 example code
Found ... apass100.zip - Password protection for Acorn Pocketbook IIs
Found ... monop194.zip - Series 3 freeware Monopoly clone
Found ... cupid.zip - Series 3 Dating Agency thing
Found ... voyager.zip - Series 3 GPS/Mapper add-on utility
Found ... luach.zip - Series 3 Jewish dates utility
Found ... aswarm.zip - Series 3 space invaders game
Found ... crick13.zip - Series 3 cricket scoring program
Found ... iconinst.zip - Series 3 Icon installing macro system
Found ... clnopl13.zip - Series 3 OPL tidier
Found ... food.zip - Series 3 large food database
Found ... shell25.zip - Series 3 Freeware command shell
Found ... clocks.zip - Series 3 World clocks
Found ... anaesth.zip - Series 3 Anaesthetists log-book
Found ... xapps11.zip - Series 3 database/agenda passwording
Found ... firepic.zip - Series 3 picture manipulation
Found ... finca107.zip - Series 3 financial calculations

If I've managed to help you track down a file, you can thank me by making a donation, by browsing through some of the Google ad links throughout the site, by mentioning my web site (http://stevelitchfield.com) to your Psion-owning friends and colleagues, and by linking to me on your own web page.

Steve Litchfield