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B2 Stealth

Radio controlled planes for the park!

Cheap, high quality memory cards, recommended!

Your very own P51 Mustang


So you've just bought a Psion or Symbian device?

(i.e. a Psion Series 5mx/Revo or Series 7, a Nokia 9210 or 9500 Communicator, SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910 or Series 60 smartphone)

So you've feverishly unwrapped your new toy, powered it up and enjoyed it for a day or so. You now feel organised no doubt, but where to go next? There's a huge pool of community expertise, software and enthusiasm on which to draw. Here's a very quick guide as to where to start looking!

Note that the the older Psion 5mx and Revos were based on EPOC (Symbian) v5.0, or 'ER5', the Nokia 9200 series of communicators are based on Symbian OS 6.0, and the P800 is based on Symbian OS 7.0. Series 60 devices are either Symbian OS 6, 7 or 8, depending on which model you buy. Whew!

Training - Free Software - Community (newsgroups)


For Psion owners, I offer the old (but still appropriate) Training CD, with movies that play on a desktop monitor. The CD is suited to all EPOC palmtops, but especially the 5/5mx.
Here are my Top tips for the Psion, Top tips for the Nokia 9210, Top tips for the Nokia 9500, Top tips for the Sony Ericsson P800/P900, Top tips for the Nokia 6680, Top tips for the Nokia 6630, Top tips for the Nokia N-Gage and Top Tips for the Nokia N70.
Both PalmtopMan and I also do customised, one to one training on all these platforms, so get in touch.
See also the newsgroup below for more instant Q&A help.

Free software

There's no one online definitive source of Psion freeware and shareware - although EPOC Software is a good start.
Most people end up looking for new software announcements on the news sites, or simply cruising the main shareware houses (see here for a list of links).
Offline, of course, 3-Lib is still definitive, producing a CD-ROM, updated quarterly, of everything written for the Psion platform.
For general Symbian-related smartphone software, see my freeware directories!

Community (newsgroups)

See the great Psion and Symbian email digest.
The rest of the Symbian world mainly survives on the web-based forums on AllAboutSymbian and My Symbian.