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The 3-Lib Training CD


Aimed at intermediate users of the Psion Revo, Series 5/5mx and Series 7/netBook, this training CD, produced around 2000, aimed to put you beside me while I went over some of the things that you really needed to know, in order to get the most from your palmtop. Most of the material is directly demonstrated on a Series 5/5mx screen, but is equally valid for the Series 7 and, almost to the same extent, to the Revo[see footnote].

The CD is still available, by popular demand, it seems many, many people are staying with their Psion palmtop as they can find nothing better to replace them!

Each of the 60-odd mini-movies are filmed full-screen at 800x600 resolution in Lotus ScreenCam, with stereo audio commentary, and can be paused, restarted or fast-forwarded as you wish.

Contents include

  • Configuring DATA for other uses than as an address book
  • Getting the most from CONTACTS
  • Configuring AGENDA
  • Getting started with SHEET
  • Getting started with styles and templates in WORD
  • Tricks, effects and objects in WORD
  • Introduction to, and advanced SKETCH
  • File management and bookmarks
  • Files, folders and the System screen
  • Using the EPOC emulator
  • Beginners guide to OPL programming
  • Getting the most out of PsiWin
  • Unzipping and installing shareware, via PC and directly using the palmtop
  • Converting documents and images to work on your palmtop
  • Converting graphics to Revo/Series 5mx-compatible wallpaper
  • Getting the most out of Message Suite (Email/Web): optimising the browser and getting started with email
  • Tutorial tours round some popular third-party applications (including Macro5, Money and Psi-Mapper/GB)

The all-in price of the 3-Lib Training CD is £25, including worldwide postage and packing, in a jewel case. Here's what Joe Baker, of the Atlas Group, had to say about the CD:

"Got your training CD yesterday, thanks. This must be the best £25 value available for the Psion! The only regret I have is that I could have saved myself the several hours that I spent finding out how to set up my Agenda to give the arrangement you took me through in two minutes. In my view it would be helpful to users if every new machine enclosed a mention of your service. Thanks again."

If you want to pay by cheque, PayPal or credit card, you can do so now.
The CD features around 4 hours of multimedia screen animations and audio commentary. Implemented in Lotus ScreenCam97, it was originally designed for Windows 95/98 but also fully compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows/NT/XP (and Macs via SoftWindows). 4-speed CD-ROM drive, sound card and 800x600 display resolution required.

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PalmtopMan do personal Psion and PDA training in the UK.

Footnote:The main reason why some of the material may not seem relevant to the Psion Revo is that some of the applications were omitted from the Revo's box by Psion. For example, Sketch and Program. Both of these can be added in for free. Mail me if you need help doing this. Once installed, the Revo effectively becomes a Series 5mx with a smaller screen and no CF slot. And of course virtually all the training material on the CD is again relevant.