Heelys trainers/skates - for kids and parents
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Where to Buy

Now, intriguingly, Heelys have been around for three or four years, but only now are they starting to become well known around the world. There aren't many places in retail centres that stock Heelys (yet), at least in the UK. We had to travel 60 miles to find some. Your best bet for now is to shop online. Use the links on this page to find online shops that stock Heelys.

More Heelys links. The box is fairly heavy, of course (the metal bearings and wheels don't help!), so don't order from overseas. And make sure to order at least one size above your child's current shoe size!

In our case, we weren't 100% sure over size, so we looked up the address of one of these online retailers and visited them in the flesh.

It's also worth noting that there are various 'clones' of Heelys, appearing at a lower price, for example, CruzShuz. These tend to work in the same way but have slightly lower build quality and shorter life. But, if you're on a budget...?

Heelys in action