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(Common mispellings - Heelies, Healies, CruzShuz)
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All About Heelys - they're making a comeback!

Heelys in action

The craze for Heelys started in the UK in 2007 and lasted for a couple of years, until enough teenagers had knocked over people in shopping centres for them to be banned in many public places(!)

But Heelys are a great idea, super technology and, used responsibly, worthy of making a comeback in 2017. And I'm seeing more and more kids out skating with them. Trainer? Skate? They're both!

They're trainers with a roller skate embedded in the heel and they're very, very cool. My daughter practically strangled me until I helped buy her a pair, and to be honest I'm very impressed by them.

Here are a couple of the most popular pairs of Heelys:
Pink Rebel Heelys
The Rebel

Rocket Rainbow Heelys
The Rocket Rainbow

The Rebel and Rocket, available in several colour schemes, are noteworthy as they're the Heelys models that include an extra, smaller, training wheel, helping new skaters get started more safely. (When they get more confident they can remove the smaller wheel) - great design.

Here's the full range of Heelys (as it was, circa 2006), models and colours. Just click the thumbnail below and max up the new window/image:

(image courtesy of material from FlyWalk UK)

Invented by Roger Adams in 1998, Heelys shoes became available throughout the USA in 2001. Now distributed across the world, Heelys was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent Office in 2002 and the European Patent Office in 2003. The high-grade roller wheels in each pair of Heelys can be popped out at any time, to convert the shoes into 'normal' mode.

See my 'How to' page for a guide to learning how to stay upright on Heelys(!), my Tips page, which is a hands-on resource for skaters and parents, including a Generations age-guide(!), my Where to Buy page, an ever-growing Guestbook for your comments about Heelys and my Gallery of images and videos.

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