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Tips and Safety

  • Heelys SafetySkating using Heelys is no less and no more dangerous than any other (roller) skate. Well, almost. At the very least, make sure your child learns with an adult supporting at all times. As soon as they begin to want to push off on their own, MAKE SURE they wear a helmet and appropriate elbow and knee protectors. If not, you'll be consoling many a grazed limb.
  • Don't get paranoid about Heelys though - they'll help your child learn better balance and grow in confidence. Once they've got the hang of it they'll want to dispense with the protectors and, unless they're practicing tricks and stunts, it's probably OK to let them go normally dressed. My daughter skates around all the time when out of school and hasn't fallen over for months, so I never insist on protective equipment.
  • Take seriously the advice about your child not keeping their feet together. Make sure they're separated front/back, otherwise your child is heading for a fall. This is important especially for beginners, and note that, just as with roller or ice skating, the more confidently the child approaches Heelys, the better and less frightening their experience will be.
  • If you or your child think they're going too fast to control themselves safely with Heelys, they can simply drop their toes and quickly walk/run out of the motion. It's very natural and works well.
  • Heelys skaters should pay attention to the ground they're crossing - especially avoid loose stones, as these will get lodged in your wheels and jam them up (though easy to remove). Avoid obvious hazards such as ridges, steps and any other surface that doesn't look perfectly smooth. Just walk or run for a while and then roll again when the ground is clear. Oh yes, and avoid mud and water if possible, if you want your Heelys' wheels to last longer - the bearings are professionally sealed but eventually water and mud will get where they're not wanted.
  • Some stores are starting to insist now on Heelys wheels being removed on entry, in case you run into other shoppers or damage floors. Neither are likely to happen(!), but you have to comply. After knackering my fingers trying to get the wheels out of my daughter's Heelys, I can thoroughly recommend getting the small and inexpensive ($5, 3) plug extractor tool - it's designed to get the wheel replacement plugs out, but it can also help getting the wheels out in the first place!
    Extraction tool
  • Along similar lines, save your hands by not bashing the wheels back in with your fists. Instead, place the wheels roughly in place and then slam the heels down firmly on the floor - you'll hear the clicks as the axles locate pasts their detents.
  • When out in public, the Heelys skater should be prepared to stop and answer questions from amazed onlookers - Heelys (in my experience) can be a bit of a jaw dropper!!

In addition to the tips above, see the 'How to' Heelys video in the Gallery page.

Heelys through the Generations
The Generations guide to Heelys
Age Recommendation/Suitability
5-15 Absolutely perfect, your son or daughter will learn balance (very quickly) and have ENORMOUS fun
15-25 Still a great idea for generally getting around, although your street cred might suffer if you start wearing them around the pubs and clubs
25-35 Aren't you getting a bit old for this? Heelys are still great for the odd spot of R&R though. And besides, you've now got the disposable income to BUY a pair 8-)
35-45 Be careful. At first it seems like a good idea that will help you keep fit. But then you'll take a few tumbles, your coordination isn't what it once was, and you'll end up putting your back out and spending a fortnight in bed
45-100 No way. Youll break a hip. Or a leg. Or your skull! DON'T DO IT!

Black Venture Heelys
The Black Venture model

Heelys in action