Heelys trainers/skates - for kids and parents
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These date from the first Heelys craze - sorry for low resolution by 2017 standards!!

8 months on: my seven year old daughter can now skate on her Heelys almost as fast as I can run! 

Hey, she's getting the hang of it. My daughter after 2 weeks of Heelys...

And she's starting to do tricks, too.... 3 weeks on...

So much less effort: Heeling versus walking and running: no contest!!

The official Heelys 'how to'!!


"Wheels out"
Heelys - Wheels out

"Well worn-in and comfy"
Heelys Rebel at home

"The wheels in the heel"
Heelys Rebel at home


Heelys in action

More gallery items coming soon!