Heelys trainers/skates - for kids and parents
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Heelys in action


I bought my Heelys almost one year ago and I still love them! I really like when kids look amazed when they see me whizzing by and I also like when they ask what they are! Long live Heelys!

Alice Brown, Aberdeen
Heelys are ace, i had cruzshuz for xmas and for my bday on 15 may. i got bliss 2 heelys, my cruz shuz died because i pulled the sloe off so i could wear my heelys to school. i am going in to the academy into s1 so i can't wear my heelys, so im getting new shoes but right now i wear my heelys all the time. i can do 360, 180 and can go backwards. i go to xtreme sports down at the beach and used to go to tesco in 'em but can't any more cos a boy fell over and tesco banned em. i have only fallen once before i got cruzshuz at xmas i had heely slide that was my first pair and heely atomic but my pink bliss 2 have been the best. i was in john lewis and 2 oaps stopped me and asked where i got them and how much they were and if i could show them what i could do!
2 June 2007

Faye Norman
Hello, I have just brought Heelys and I have fallen over once but i'm slowly getting used to it and it's really great because while my friends have to run, I can skate. They are great for walking, running and skating, they're brilliant and I love them!!!
30 April 2007

Howard Wright
Hi, I thought I would drop you a line just to add my support for Heelys, I bought my son and daughter a pair each for Christmas, and at first they struggled to get the hang of them, however within a week they were much improved, and how much joy I got from seeing them getting on so well with them - my son especially it was as if he was born to heel! He is so confident on them, performing jumps and turns and speeding with the greatest of ease, then 1 day I get a call from their mother – he's broken his arm! I took him up to hospital and yes they confirmed he had a green stick fracture to his left arm, Their mother went spare and blamed it on the shoes and instantly banned them from wearing them! Whilst speaking to the nurse in charge of plastering she informed me that this was the first Heely-related fracture she had dealt with and she's been doing it for 20 years! She then went on to say keep on heeling! She gets more injuries through skateboards then bikes and mostly from football injuries! Though this did not help my son as the ban remained from his mother. He has just had his plaster removed and he can't wait to get back in his Heelys. I know corporately we would not like to advertise the fact of injuries occurring, however I believe that accidents do happen and the joy Heelys have brought my kids and myself far outweigh the possible risk of injury.
22 Mar 2007

Montana Mitchell
Hi, i am Montana and i am ten years old. I have Heelys and i have learned some tricks. It is hard to land a trike but if you practice you will get better. I got Heelys for my birthday in august 2006. And i just fell in feb, the scratch is gone now but yesterday, march 8, i fell off my bike but i am tuff and i can handle it. i don't even cry cause i am a tomboy!
14 Mar 2007

Karen Fay
Heelys are the best ever. I got mine for my b-day on Jan 22. People ask where I got them. I hardly fall anymore. I try to wear them wherever we go.
26 Feb 2007

Lydia Saraka va
I love my Heelys they are cool, I never fall down. When I go anywhere all the other kids ask me what they r. I love em.
15th Feb 2007

George Crabb (14) and Malik Adams (9), Guildford
We've only had our Heelys since Christmas but we just can't get enough of them. Malik has already been doing basic ramps and tricks on his Rebels. Being a size 11, I didn't think I would find a pair so my slides won't last too much longer. I recently hurt my back playing rugby and Heelys have been a great way of getting moving. Worth the money definitely. Great site!!!
5th January 2007

Daniela Parducci
I love Heelys, they are so much fun, better than walking or running!
15 Dec 2006

Shafla Jalil
OMG!!!!!! these shoes/skates are the best, i luv them i lyk the pnk pair the best!!!!!!
26th October 2006

Jac Linwood, London
Awesome site, Steve. Keep up the good work, how about some more videos? My Heelys go everywhere with me, I've had them for over a year now and am on my second pair (sheer wear and tear). Best shoes/skates on the market, I reckon!
24th October 2006

Liam and Janice Trantor, Windsor
We bought Heelys for our son two months ago and have been utterly amazed. At the time we thought they were an expensive fad. Now we see him skating around with enormous confidence, better physical coordination, more confidence with his friends (who are in awe that he's got Heelys and they haven't :-) ) - the list goes on. the best 55 we've spent on him in ages. And we'd have had to pay 30 for trainers anyway, so really they only cost us an extra 25. Highly recommended!
10th October 2006

Angela Cloherty, Liverpool
Hi, I bought a pair of Heeleys for my little girls Lydia who is aged 6. I was a little hesitant at first because she couldnt really use her roller skates properly but she couldn't wait to use them. After about 4 times of wearing them we took a trip to the local supermarket on a quiet morning and hey presto she started using them properly. She wizzes in and out of everyone and we find ourselves being stopped daily by people wondering where we got them, how much we paid and do we have the web address......... It used to take me ages to get the children to come shopping with me, now I dont need to ask, they ask me !!!!!
5th Sept, 2006

Sophie Colebrook
My heelys r awesome I love 2 go 2 tesco and whiz down the aisle it’s so fun. they're quite expensive but I get loads of use out of mine. Heelys rock!
17. 7.06

Caitlin Halter, Glasgow
Heelys are a bit heavy to be worn as trainers all the time, especially in hot weather, but I do wear them quite often, carrying the wheels in my bag for snapping in whenever I get to a really smooth pavement or park.
26th July 2006

Ellie Harris, Reading UK
I wear mine all the time, when it's not too hot, it's really neat to whizz around shops and malls. I know Heelys are expensive (Dad helped me), but I get soooooo much fun out of them!
10th July 2006

John Cureton, Bordeaux, France
We had an anxious three weeks with our Heelys, back in January 2006, having bought them for our son and daughter, both aged nine. Lots of bruises and even a visit to the hospital after one spill. But we're out the other side now and both children wear them nearly all the time. Even to school most days - with the wheels removed, of course - they pop the wheels back in for the short skate home!!
29 June 2006

Dek, Southampton, UK
Heelys are cool, I can do twists and tricks, but best of all, I just amaze my mates by being able to skate where they have to walk or run!
26 June 2006

Jean and Pete King, Bristol
We bought a pair of Heelys for our daughter, aged 7, and were very hesitant at first as she seemed very shaky and fell over often. They seemed like a disastrous purchase but incredibly after a couple of days came a turning point and she 'found her balance' - and she hasn't fallen over once since! Now she loves them and seems very confident and better balanced physically!
20 June 2006

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