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Articles and features

Stuff relating to the Series 80-based Nokia 9210/9210i/9290 or 9300/9500 handhelds and their successors

A warning over fake and cheap memory cards

Thoughts and links about a possible next generation Communicator - watch this space!

A whole new look - a tutorial for giving your Communicator a fresh appearance, to ring the changes

Starting afresh... with your old data - how to keep all your bits and pieces when starting with a new device or with new firmware

Gaming on your 9500 - the best games for your Communicator

Music on the 9500 - how to double the amount you can take with you, thanks to Ogg Vorbis

Moblogging - MObile weB LOGGING - how to post your thoughts, news and images to the Internet in seconds from your Psion palmtop or Nokia Communicator.

Secret Safe - a way of encrypting collections of documents on the Nokia 9500 or Nokia 9300, in a PC-compatible way. Keep your secrets from prying eyes!

DVD (and other movie types) to Nokia 9500/9300 - the current state-of-play and how to actually do it successfully.

Notes for converting DVD video segments for playback on the Nokia 9210i.

Notes for anyone upgrading from a Psion Series 5mx to a Nokia Communicator (9210/9500).

My guide to GPS moving-map/navigation on all Psion and Symbian platforms.

Jack of All Trades, a piece singing the praises of the Nokia 9210 in daily life, but also partly applicable to other Psion and Symbian devices.