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The Future of the Communicator?

This page represents ideas, rumours and links about a possible future for the venerable Nokia Communicator range. Please note that I'm not under any NDAs and I have no more knowledge of Nokia's plans than is publicly available online.

However, I can gather together the clues, dust off my crystal ball and imagine what might be round the corner...

Imagined future S60 Communicator

In drawing the above device, shown in 'open' and 'closed' views, I used the following hints:

  • With Series 90 functionality being subsumed into S60 (including touch-screen support) and with Series 80's only real selling point, its Office suite, now also built into S60, it's logical to see Series 80 also being subsumed.
  • The 640 by 240 pixel screen resolution (HVGA) has been mentioned very positively in one of the official S60.com blogs.
  • Nokia has always shown a desire to maintain the external form factor of the Communicator line, to show businesses that it's essentially the product they know and love. The application shortcut keys, in particular, would work just as well in a S60 environment.

Note that I haven't specified a back-of-device camera. Hopefully there would be versions with and without a 2 or 3 megapixel camera, to cater for different personal/business needs. The internal VGA camera would be fabulous to use in 3G video calls, sitting in front of the opened clamshell.

All comments welcome. Including any from Nokia and the S60 guys, if you're reading this!