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Wii YouTube

Linked, of course, inextricably to the fact that the Wii's Internet Channel is a full web browser, by visiting YouTube (or any other Flash video-based web site) you can stream videos on any topic whatsoever.

Feel the urge to see that classic comedy sketch again, on demand? Want to enjoy an old music video? Want to watch your latest video podcast? It'll all be on YouTube and it's quick and easy to achieve.

YouTube on Wii

Just add YouTube to your Wii browser 'Favorites' and search as normal for the clip you want. Once playing, note that you can use the Wii remote's '+' key to zoom the web page in, if needed, to make the video picture size a little larger - though you can't actually go full-screen - perhaps a blessing because YouTube videos aren't really of high enough resolution.

YouTube on Wii

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