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Wii TV

Linked, of course, partly to the fact that the Wii's Internet Channel is a full web browser, and partly to the optimisation work done at the BBC, you can now watch (in the UK, at least) all the best TV programmes as and when you want.

No PVR or hard disk recorder needed, no messing around remembering to set programmes to record. Simply go to the iPlayer page,, on your Wii, and pick the programme you want to view, at your own convenience and with the ability to pause it, rewind it, and so on. And all for free.

Streaming BBC iPlayer TV on the Wii


  • Make the most of the Wii Internet browser's zoom and pan controls ('+' and '-', plus the cursor controls), in order to maximise the viewing area on your TV screen.
  • From your Wii browser's home screen, go into Settings and set the browser toolbar to either auto-hide or be toggle-able with the '1' key.

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