Nintendo Wii Power Tips for the Family

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Where to buy Nintendo Wii stuff online

It's not easy, is it, even a year after launch the Wii is still hard to buy at best price anywhere! Watch out for unscrupulous companies trying to cash in on the scarcity of Wii units by bumping up the price.

Remember, you already get a Wii remote, Wii Sports and Nunchuk in the basic package, so don't let a vendor fool you by quoting these as 'included' in such a way as to charge you extra for a bundle!

Start perhaps with Amazon's bundles for the Nintendo Wii

Wii controller and Nunchuk

It's also worth noting that if you're after a second Wii remote (e.g. to play 2 player games without remote swapping), this comes with a mini-game package called Wii Play. This is surprisingly good value [remote plus game for £30] and the Billiards mini-game is good enough to warrant play on its own by an adult. Very neat indeed. So consider getting this as an extra.