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Wii Browser

Huge tip, this one - run, don't walk to the online Wii Shopping Channel (you have set up your Wii to connect to your home Wi-Fi, haven't you?) and buy yourself a few Wii points. The basic 1000 for £7 will do. You need only 500 for the 'Internet channel'.

Internet Channel

Essentially, this is a licensed and tweaked verison of the commercial Opera web browser. Yep, that's right, a full desktop-class web browser. On your TV, via the Wii. It supports Flash animations, video streaming, the works.

Google News on Wii

Being able to bring up a web site easily from the comfort of your sofa is pretty cool. If you're watching DVDs or cable TV, you can even keep the Wii's Internet Channel open in the background, on its different SCART socket, switching to it when needed for a literally instant Internet fix, perhaps to look up something.

Or maybe your other half or children are on the family PC(s) - using the Wii as another household web appliance makes a lot of sense. You can catch up on your news feeds, browse forum posts, read your email (webmail/GMail, at least) and generally use the Internet as you would on a full PC.

GMail on Wii

Although entering URLs is a bit of a pain using the Wii remote and on-screen keyboard, you only ever have to do each URL once. Use the 'Favourites' feature (the star icon) and set up the sites you'll use often. It even supports cookies, meaning that it'll keep you logged into your webmail system!

GMail message on Wii

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