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Series 60 freeware
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The idea here is to help you find software that's free, of course, but it's more than a simple matter of keeping costs down.

As many of you will have found by now, most software for Symbian smartphones tends to be locked to a specific device IMEI code, which means that when your device breaks and gets replaced, you have to spend ages tracking down developers and begging replacement registration codes. There's no such problem with freeware, which can be copied around to your own (or others) units without worrying about codes or infringements.


  1. In addition to true freeware, I've also included shareware which is not IMEI-locked and which is completely fully working in its unregistered state (for example, many of my own programs fall into this category, as I don't believe in crippling shareware - people should register if they like the program, not because they've been bullied into it).
  2. Note that because of the age of some of this software, items may have old 'certificates'. No worries - if they come up with an 'installation error', just set your phone's clock back by a year and try again, then set the year forward afterwards.
  3. See also my table of freeware compatible with recent S60 3rd Edition smartphones

If you're a programmer and would like your freeware included here, please drop me a line. Table last updated March 2009.

Series 60 freeware Utilities
AutoLock Automatically keylocks your smartphone after a configurable number of minutes. Home page
Automatic Key Lock Automatically keylocks your smartphone after a configurable number of minutes. Home page
Bemused Bluetooth control of your PC's music player Home page
Best Screen Snap Screen capture Home page
BigClock Large, easy to read clock Home page
Bluetooth Print Print basic PIM items and images to a supported Bluetooth printer. Home page
Buzzer Game/egg/countdown timer Home page
Calcium Super-optimised calculator Home page
Contacts Transfer Transfer a contacts set between smartphones Home page
ControlFreak Remote control of Windows Media Player Home page
DevMan System management, memory monitoring Home page
Egg Clock An egg-timer, with alarm. Home page
EzFileMon For developers, logs all file access Home page
FExplorer Superb file manager and tools package. Home page
Forward Forward on and save file attachments from Inbox. Home page
Fring VoIP solution, free calls/chat Home page
Fusion Internet feeds on your standby screen Home page
Message Saver Saves emails and texts to notes, and more.... Home page
MMCPwd Displays MMC backup password Home page
Mobile Weather Displays weather forecasts from the Yahoo weather APIs Home page
NetAlarm Lite Battery/network warnings Home page
NiceDial Novelty speaking dialer Access page
PhoneTunes Control iTunes from your smartphone Home page
Python On and off-device development system/language Download page
S60Zip Compression/decompression, ZIP-compatible handler Home page
SafeNote Password-ready Notes replacement Home page
Satellite Current European satellite images Download
SMS Assistant SMS answering system. Home page
Screenshot Screenshot capture, several options and formats Home page
ScreenSnapS60 Flexible screenshot capture Home page
ScreenTaker Screenshot capture Home page
SMS Messenger Mobile Send texts via an Internet gateway Access page
SplashBlog Blog your photos online Home page
SyncML Synchronize your calendar and contacts with a remote SyncML server (account needed). Home page
TaskSpy Task manager, monitor your system, close running programs down, etc. Home page
TodayView Shows appointments, emails, to-dos, etc in a single list Home page
Torch Blanks the screen white so that you get maximum backlight for use as a torch! Download
UnlockMe! Works out your device's lock code Home page
XXL Screen Saver Replaces default screen saver with bigger, more readable clock Home page
Y-Browser Full file manager and viewer Home page
Series 60 freeware Games
Bantumi The classic Mantala game Home page
Biniax Domino logic arcade game Home page
Blockeroo Death match tetris! Home page
Bombz Minesweeper, the classic puzzle. Home page
Bounce Level-based arcade/puzzler. Download
C2Doom Doom WAD player Home page
CardDeck Solitaire compilation, includes AcesUp, Golf, Klondike, Nestor, Shifting and Trusty Twelve. Download
Cheez Arcade maze, good fun Download
Doom Engine to play the standard shareware Doom WAD file(s). Home page
FreeMines Minesweeper clone Home page
Frogger The classic arcade game Download
Frozen Bubble Bubble-shooting match/puzzler Home page
GnuGo Go - what else?! Home page
GoBoy GameBoy emulator. Home page
Hangman The simple game for children and adults Home page
The Journey Real-life-interwoven adventure game Home page
Large Time Screensaver Alternative screensaver Home page
Lineapolis Line-based strategy puzzle Home page
Lines Three, four or more in a row... Home page
Mastermind The classic puzzle game (needs Python runtime) Download
MGS Authenticator Online Spot the diffs game, with MGS hooks Access page
Miniblaster It's Bomberman! Home page
Pocket Sudoku It's THAT game again! Home page
S-Tris 2* Tetris! Home page
TapTaTop Whack-a-mole! Home page
TopGun Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Strike fighter arcade game Home page
TriplePop Arcade/puzzler, rotate a gradually-growing clump of bubbles and try to eliminate bunches of duplicates. Home page
Triz Tetris done well. Download
Vexed The classic puzzler, ported to Series 60. Home page
Wolfenstein 3D Pre-Doom first person shooter Home page
Xedious* Shoot-em-up! Home page
Yahtzee The classic dice strategy game Home page
Series 60 freeware General applications
15 Language Phrasebook As it sounds, a hundred or so phrases (runs under free Mobipocket reader) Home page
Adobe PDF viewer View Acrobat files Download
Animation Viewer Slide-shows animated GIFs Home page
Azure Blogging client Home page
Currency Converter Er... what it says 8-) Home page
Google Local for Mobile Mapping and satellite imagery for anywhere on the earth's surface Home page
GPSCycleMaster Advanced cycle computer Home page
GPSGatsoMaster Speed camera warnings Home page
HIER MSN-compatible instant messaging client Home page
Helix RealPlayer Audio and video player, including MP3. Home page
JabpLite Personal Finance Manager Home page
Bible-based guide to life, based on the sections and topics from the Gideon bible Home page
MicroCalc Simple, J2ME-based spreadsheet Home page
Metro Underground route planner for major cities around the world Home page
Mobicue Social networking system for text and photos Home page
Mobile Office Viewer for OpenDocument documents Download
Mobipocket Reader Ebook and general compressed hypertext reader. Lots of content to download and create. Home page
Morse Texter Morse via SMS? Strange but true! Home page
Tuning aid for guitar and violin, plus metronome Home page
OggPlay A great music player, limited on some Series 60 phones by the hardware's mono output... .ogg files are half the size of MP3, making them a good choice. Home page
Olive Tree Bible Reader Free bible reader, plenty of free bibles and spiritual reading matter Home page
Opera Mini Proxy-based mobile browser, extremely GPRS byte-efficient, but heavy on RAM Home page
PhotoJotter Photographer's note book Home page
PINs Encrypted database for secret info Home page
PixSense Photoblogging tool/system Home page
PlanetFinder The sky at night! Home page
Pocket Counter Stopwatch and lap timer. Home page
ReadM Configurable and adaptable ebook and general file viewing system. Home page
Resistor Converts resistor colour codes to specific Ohm values Home page
RSS Reader Java-hosted RSS reader solution Home page
Smart2Go / Nokia Maps Maps down to street level for the whole world, plus routing (voice navigation requires fee though) Home page
Solun Planetarium in your smartphone Home page
Solution Lite Maths equation solver/grapher Home page
Talking Phrasebook As it sounds (though written in Java, so RAM-hungry) Home page
Trivopaedia ebook-based hypertext encyclopaedia of useful and useless info Home page
Wireless18 Golf scorecard Home page

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