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(For all S60 smartphones)

What is it?

MusicianA musician's tool. I wanted a tuner for my guitar and violin, plus a metronome to start songs off at the right tempo, and the current S60 programs just didn't work. Hence Musician. It was also created as my very first Python program (see the notes below).

There are polyphonic tuning tones for E, B, G, D and A, enough to tune both guitar and violin. The tones last for a configurable length of time. The metronome will display beats at any tempo from 50 to 220 beats per minute, with an optional 'metronome' sound sample. And a playable mini-piano will let you play out simple melodies.

MusicianDownload it now for Symbian OS/S60 3rd Edition
(e.g. Nokia E61, N73, N93, N95...)

Download the latest v3.2 here as musician32.zip (39K). Please read the notes in the Readme.txt file about first needing to install the latest version of the Python interpreter on your smartphone. See below!

This version of Musician works with QVGA (320 by 240) or 352x416 pixel displays. This covers the vast majority of S60 3rd Edition devices, but NOT the N91 or E90. Yet.

See also the newer mods made to the code here.

Download it now for Symbian OS/S60 2nd Edition

Download the latest v1.7 here as musician.sis (16K). Install it in the usual way. See the notes below about first needing to install the Python interpreter on your smartphone.
v1.7 adds a playable mini-piano; v1.6 adds left/right/up/down control of the metronome tempo.

This version of Musician is for S60 v2 phones, i.e. everything from the Nokia 6600 onwards. Hopefully that covers almost everybody.

When installing OPL or Python programs onto Series 60 smartphones you'll get the standard 'Supplier not verified', or similar warnings. This program is perfectly safe to install, so the warnings can safely be ignored. Of course, if you don't trust downloading from here then that's up to you, but you won't be able to use the program either!

Look! Python interpreter needed!

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to have already installed the free Python interpreter on your smartphone. This is a great patch that gives your device the ability to run Python freeware and shareware programs and is highly recommended. You can even write your own, should you feel ambitious! Get the Python interpreter here. Note that there are several different versions, depending on which version of Series 60 your smartphone runs. Several people seem to be confused by the download files, so note that the N93/N80/N71/E61/E70/N73 etc. are all S60 3rd Edition, the N70/N90 are S60 2nd Edition, FP3, the 6630/6680 are S60 2nd Edition, FP2 and the 6600, 7610, 6670 and 3230 are simply S60 2nd Edition. And note that you DON'T need any of the SDK files, just grab the (self-signed) install files and 'Script shell' package for your particular S60 version/device. Phew!

It's a one-time download and once your smartphone has it, you should never have to reinstall it and will be able to add the tiny Python-written programs without further hassle!